Memorial Day beatdown at Rockyface

  • When: 5/29/2017
  • QIC: Clifford BRD
  • The PAX: Part Time, 3-Dog, Frag, Tapeworm, and Clifford BRD.

What a beautiful morning for a beatdown. It was a great not because the sun was shining, not because the birds were singing, but because God gave us this day and because of the men and women that fought and died for this Great Nation that we call home. Yes my friends YHC is talking about Memorial Day. The day we remember why we have the freedom that we have, and the day that we remember those that died for that freedom. And for some reason this Great Nation of ours seems to think that we don’t need to remember them anymore, well you would be wrong to believe that. To be honest with you YHC thinks that we don’t remember these men and women enough. Every day we wake up we should thank our God for giving us a new day and next thank those that lost their lives in war. And please let’s not get Memorial Day weekend mixed up with it’s just another three day weekend to have a party and get together with friends and family. It’s much much more then that. Just ask a family member of a soldier that came home in a casket. To all those men and women whom lost their lives in battle this beatdown is in honor of you. So this is how it went down.

SSH x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Moroccan Nightclubs x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 OYO
American Hammers x 10 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO

Route 66
4 different exercises Squats, Merkins, LBC’s, and Star Jumps 11 different stops up the 2.2 mile vertical mile challenge course at Rockyface recreational park. Each stop YHC had the name of a fallen soldier that we would do that set in honor of. As we ascended the rock face YHC dropped in a 30 yard Bear Crawl.

Stop 1 was for Leonard Adams US Army from Mooresville, NC

Stop 2 was for Mark Adams US Marine from Mooresville, NC

Stop 3 was for Roger Adams US Army from Jacksonville, NC

Stop 4 was for Brian Anderson US Marine from Durham, NC

Stop 5 was for Henry Bacon US Army from Wagram, NC

Stop 6 was for Felipe Barbosa US Marine from High Point, NC

Stop 7 was for Patrick Barlow US Army from Greensboro, NC

Stop 8 was for Leevi Barnard US Army from Mount Airy, NC

Stop 9 was for Bradley Beard US Army from Chapel Hill, NC

Stop 10 was for Derry Benson US Army from Greenville, NC

Stop 11 was for Mark Bibby US Army from Browns Summit, NC

Again it was a great day to have this beatdown. This was the first time that Part Time and Tapeworm have hit the vertical mile course and they did a great job. Frag had another strong showing as he led the PAX up and down the course. 3-Dog had a scary moment. After we stood up from the Bear Crawl and was getting ready to head the rest of the way up the rock face. He got very light headed and had to take a knee for a few minutes. And then he looked up at YHC and said that Bear Crawl about do me in. He was able to gather himself and push hard to the end. As we finished out the beatdown around the Flag we took the moment to say The Pledge of Allegiance and took another moment to talk again of the importance of Memorial Day.

Clifford closed out in prayer.

Always an honor Clifford out!!!!

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