Straight as an #Arrow

  • When: 05/31/17
  • QIC: Abraham
  • The PAX: Powder, Cousin Eddie, Herniator, Fuse, Beaker, Lug Nut, Jordache, Peaches, Kapowski, Stonewall, Band Camp, Nabuc, Squints, Flamer, HBC, Bing, Hot Lips, Abraham

18 PAX posted in the gloom for a straight shot down 4th St. all the way to where it ends on Hwy 127. Heck, we were almost in Mountain View by then. But we turned left and headed back up 127, and it was up, oh yeah, it was up, all the way back to St. Luke’s, took a left and BOOM!, we were back where we stated. 6.3 miles and only 2 turns.
Qing is easy. Running , not so much.

The new guy, Lug Nut; he can run. Dude’s a stud.
Jordache is now a professional runner. On the long pull up 127 Hot Lips spied a dollar bill on the side of the road. YHC was a few yards behind Dr. Lips, so the doc shouted, “Hey Abe, a dollar!” YHC scooped it up and knew immediately what to do with it: award it to whatever nincompoop ran this awful thing the fastest. Resident nincompoop Jordache beat Herniator back to Corinth so he won the buck. So, he’s now a pro. Guess we’ll have to treat him with more respect but that should be easy seeing how we’ve treated him with absolutely none so far.
Cousin Eddie is a runner, a good one. Don’t believe a word he says about his abilities.
Beaker vanished during mile 2. Rumor has it he has joined FiA. Confirm or deny, Beaker?
Two things that don’t make sense: Powder is a Clemson grad. Powder is a great guy. How is this possible? Logical incongruity.

Just before we ran YHC got a call from Cropduster who said he had just hear from Humpy. Humpy’s father died early this morning. Humpy wanted his F3 brothers to know and to pray for him and his family. We did. We really love Humpy and Humpy really loved and respected his Dad. We will keep the Turner family in our prayers.

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