A Perfect RAM Morning

  • When: 06/02/17
  • QIC: Publix
  • The PAX: Igloo, Flem, Flamer, Humpy, Cousin Eddie, HBC, Suppository, Jordache, Webelo, Hot Lips, Sleeper, Sooner, Peaches, Scotch, Stone Wall, Goodwill, Powder

After a long work week and dinner with some Friends on Thursday night, it was a bit of a struggle to get going Friday morning at 4:40 am. Thankfully, I had spent some time preparing for my Q and I knew that once I got going, all would be good.


Side Straddle Hops x 15 IC

Alternating Toe Touches x 16 IC

High Knees x 14 IC

The Thang:

Headed out for our first long mosey. Headed past the track and down the back road toward Hampton Height and Hickory High. After about half mile, we stopped at the little apartments parking lot for 20 LBC’s IC and then 15 Monkey Humpers IC.

We then moseyed down a bit further and all then up past Hickory High to the parking lot at the top of the hill. We then lined up abreast across the big parking lot and did a set of BLIMPS, going up by 5 each time:

Burpees x 10

Lunges x 15 each leg

Imperial Storm Troopers x 20 each leg

Merkins x 25

Plank Jacks x 30

Squats x 35

We then moseyed out to 127, down 127 and then over the rock pile behind the YMCA. Everyone grabbed a rock and then we did:

Curls x 30 OYO

OH Press x 20 OYO

Standing Skull Crushers x 15 OYO

Bent Over Rows x 20 OYO

Arm raises x 15 OYO,

Then we put our rocks back and the long mosey back up the hill to the AO.

All in all we got in 3.5 miles, a BLIMP and some rock work. Not bad for a Friday morning before most folks get out of bed.

We circled up for the count off, name-o-rama, announcements and WOD.

Announcements: Humpy’s father had just passed away earlier in the week and the receiving was that afternoon.

WOD came from James 4:4 – 10

We prayed for Humpy and his family given their recent loss.

Moleskin: Didn’t hear a lot of mumble-chatter during the run, except for a few folks that wanted to make sure we didn’t do the same route as the week before. With a couple small tweaks, I think it worked out pretty well and we pushed the mileage a bit.

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