8 Rounds of Pain

  • When: June 5, 2017
  • QIC: 8Way
  • The PAX: Double Bogey, 2 Stroke, Padawan, 2Ply, Castaway, Twig, Rubber (FNG), Snips, Friar, Twin, Banjo, Panda, Paula Dean, and 8Way (Q)...

14 men entered Monday evening not knowing that we were in a fight of a lifetime. As we stepped into the # ring, thinking it would be just another Monday night workout. It turned out to be a fight we will not soon forget. And went a little something like this:

Warm ups:

SSH x15 IC – Alt Toe Touches (Snips needed a reminder what these are) x15 IC – Windmills x15 IC -High Knees x15 IC – Butt Kicks x15 IC

We ran down to Flick video where we began our 8 rounds of pain.

Round 1: 5 Burpees – 5 Jump Squats – 5 Gas Pumps – 5 Merkins – 5 Lunges (5 each leg) – 5 Jackknife Crunch

Round 2: 10 of each of the above exercises

Then ran down to the church parking lot.

Round 3: 15 of each exercise

Round 4: 20 of each exercise

Ran across the street to the middle school.

Round 5: 10 of each exercise

Ran down to the end of the street in front of the middle school.

Round 6: 10 of each exercise.

Ran to the post office.

Round 7: 5 of each exercise.

Round 8: 5 of each exercise.

Paused to say the Pledge to the American Flag.

Walked across the street, then sprinted back to A/O for one last exercise to finish off with.

We ended with ABC’s…

Word of the Day/Night: Judges 6:12

-We talked about how we are called to be mighty men of valor/Warriors in our homes, communities, and churches. We are not called to be weak or cowards. I also talked about how warriors sometimes need back up. I went on to say the main reason I am still in F3 is because of the encouragement from our F3 Brotherhood. Thank you guys for pushing me and helping me get better.

8Way out…

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