Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

  • When: 06/06/17
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Double Bogey, Twin, Snips, Baby Face, PBR, Gore, Friar (Q)

It has been a tough beginning of the week for YHC. YHC posted Monday morning for ER to honor the soon departing Abraham. It was Abe’s last ER Q and he definitely finished with a bang; so needless to say YHC’s legs were noodles from carrying around the 20 lbs weight vest around for 4.25 laps of the ER! Then Monday evening I went to one of the newest Hickory Region A/O’s where 8-Way was having his first Q there! Several of us Lenoir guys went down there for the beat down so as to support 8-Way and so Double Bogey could get his precious Granite t-shirt. Hope that shirt was worth it DB! All that to say, several of us Lenoir guys dragged our tired carcasses out to this morning to try it one more time!

Warm Up:

  • Nothing!
  • That’s right, nothing! As Cuz has said: “warm ups are for whimps!”


  • Route 66
  • Run, make 11 stops, begin with one rep/exercise and increase by 1 at each stop
  • Exercises: hand-release burpees; jump squats; beakers (hybrid horizontal squat/marking combo); and WWII situps.
  • Back at flag:
    • LBC ICx11
    • American Hammers ICx11
    • Pretzels ICx11/side
    • Rosalitas ICx11
    • Curls for the Girls ICx11
    • OH Tricep Extensions ICx11
    • Front Shoulder Raises ICx6 (Yeah, 6, I was tired! Deal!)


  • Hebrews 12
  • Are you leaving a cloud of witness for those who are looking up to you and for those who will look back on your life for an example?


  • 3 workouts in 24 hours is insane and CSAUP worthy!
  • Cousin Eddie would have a tear of pride in his eye at how I emphasized form and technique
  • Abraham, I’ve got big shoes to fill in order to become “The Angry Preacher” of Hickory Region; I gave it my all this morning! YHC thinks you would’ve been proud!
  • Men of Lenoir, you guys keep getting stronger, tougher, and down right more impressive with each post! Keep it up!

–Friar out

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