Mix it up

  • When: 6/8/17
  • QIC: Kapowski
  • The PAX: Retread, Freud, Igloo, Publix, Cousin Eddie, Powder, Suppository, Recliner, Squince, Root, Tooth Fairy, Funyun, Abraham,

One of the differences between F3 Winston and Hickory is that with our smaller numbers you get the opportunity to Q on a more regular basis here.  That can be good and bad, depending upon how you look at it.  It means you are likely to get an Abraham Q on a more frequent basis (bad).  It also means that the Q needs to work at mixing things up so as not to be delivering the same dependable beatdown every time with the same exercises.  As YHC was contemplating this morning’s Q, I tried to mix a few new items in.  Hope the pax enjoyed it.  Here is how it went down:


Warm-O-Rama, in cadence

  •  SSH- 16
  • Peter Parker x 15
  • Parker Peter x 15
  • Hill Billy x 15


The Thang:

Mosey to hill between Corinth and LHCC

  • Bottom of hill do 10 burpees
  • Run to the top and do 1 jump squat
  • Run back to the bottom for 9 burpees, top for 2 jump squats, etc. until back to 10 and 1
  • Plank when done


Mosey to blocks and get one per group of three then mosey to Corinth parking lot.

  •  In group of three, first partner does exercise while partners #2 and #3 wheel barrow to tree, flapjack and return to first partner.
  • Rotate so that person doing exercise is now “carrying” the wheel barrow, last person who was “carrying” wheel barrow is now “wheeling”, and person who was last “wheeling” is now doing exercise.
  • Exercises
    • Curls with block
    • Overhead press with block
    • Carolina Dry Dock
    • Rows with block


Mosey back to flag for MARY

  •  LBC x 20
  • American Hammer x 20
  • Juanita x 20
  • Flutter Kicks x 20


Announcements/prayer request:

  • Praise for Tread, results on prostate negative
  • Bass Lake run Saturday at 7, contact HBC if interested
  • Golf tournament for family guidance center, see Powder
  • August 12th soup kitchen benefit, get with Freud
  • Need for Speed moved to August, get with Bing






Sanctification:  A continuing (lifelong) change worked by God in us, freeing us from sinful habits and forming in us Christlike virtues.  A real transformation, not just the appearance of one.  We are increasingly changed from what we once were because of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

“Believers find within themselves contrary urgings.  The Spirit sustains their regenerate desires and purposes, but their fallen instincts (“the flesh”) obstruct their path and drag them back. The conflict of these two is sharp….Yet by watching and praying against temptation, and cultivating opposite virtues, they may through the Spirit’s help “put to death” particular bad habits….”




  • We were at a perfect number for groups of three until Retread showed up late. He was way earlier than Recliner who met us as we were doing burpees at the bottom of the hill
  • Retread forgot his name at name-o-rama. Seriously, he looked at YHC like I had three eyes. After a very awkward delay he finally remembered it, still unsure he couldn’t remember his F3 name or actual name.
  • YHC partnered with Igloo and it was good to work out with him. Sorry about the bleeding hands.
  • YHC inadvertently said “plankjack” instead of “flapjack”. Cobains to those who did extra.
  • Yes, Cuz, there was some shoulder work. Mumble chatter noted.
  • YHC knows Abraham was just being nice when he said “if I knew you had the Q I might not have come”. Ironic coming from the man who invented the ER.
  • Always a pleasure to be with you men.

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