Gridiron BLIMPS

  • When: 6/23/17
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Humpy, Stonewall, Plank, Hot Lips, Suppository, Powder, Mark Up.

8 PAX showed up in the gloom this morning for a wet and soggy workout. We brought our determination but left our sleeves at home in honor of Cheech. Prayers going out to his family in what can only be an incredibly difficult time.

The Thang:

Started out with the usual:

Side straddle hops


Alt. toe touches

Fake out 50 burpees oyo. YHC called it, did one, waited for a little startled chatter and then said j/k and started to mosey. Little did they now they were going to get their fair share of burpees anyway!!

We moseyed to the track, took one lap around and then took the scenic route through the parking lot to the back gate of the football field. We went out onto the field to relive some of the glory days.

Started out on the goal line and went 20 yards a pop with 10 burpees at each 20 yard increment. After everybody made it to the opposite end zone YHC got a 10 count. Same thing back across the field doing 10 squats every 20 yards. Once all finished we took a recovery lap around the field before the real fun began!

BLIMPS!! Burpees, LBC’s, Imperial Storm Troopers, Merkin Hammers, Plank Jacks, Squats. Partner up and start at goal line. One partner works while the other partner runs to the 50 yard line, does 10 merkins, and come back to pick up where partner left off. Start with 75 burpees and add 25 reps per exercise ending with 200 squats. After that, scenic mosey back to flag for COT.


We talked about Gods plan for our life and the fact that he has a plan whether we see it or even agree with it or not. We discussed how God uses the most unlikely of people to do his work and to do great things. Prayers again go out to Cheech’s family.

Patti Out


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