Beaker’s Return, an FNG & A New Spot

  • When: 06/27/17
  • QIC: Beaker
  • The PAX: Powder, Sooner, Retread, Sleeper, Publix, Markup, Rooster, Peaches, Jordache, Funion, FNG Big Bang, Humpy, Freud

YHC was thrilled to be back on the Q list.  It had been a while since I posted, let alone had the Q.  Even had the chance to work an FNG into the fold.  Thanks Humpy for bringing him.  In honor of Humpy’s achievement we started out with his signature move.


Humpy’s, SSH’s, OBT’s Burpee Fun but modified – 10 burpees, 8 burpees, 6 burpees, 4 burpees, 2, burpees, back to 10 burpees

Mosey to the block pile at 1st Baptist where we partnered up and did Partner Derkins, 20 each partner.  Youngest partner retrieved the coupon and we all took a mosey to the track at Oakwood Elementary.

Once at Oakwood we realized that we had an Oakwood alum in our midst.  Retread!  He shared with us the Oakwood motto – Acorns to Oaks.  Special.

Partner 1 took off on a lap which included a sprint up the hill to the fence then back down to the track to finish the lap.  Partner 2 was performing the exercise reps and then swap.  You know the drill but here is what we did cumulative – 300 bench press, 200 curls, 125 overhead press.  Mosey back to blockpile.

Mosey back to flag for some Jane Fonda’s and that was it.

WOD was from Genesis and talked about Abraham in honor of our Abraham leaving fro SC this week.  Genesis 12:4 – “So Abraham went, as the Lord had told him…”.  Do we always go or do when the Lord tells us?  Think about it.

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