“Fake News Unless There’s a BB” – Cuz Ed

  • When: 07/03/17
  • QIC: Peaches
  • The PAX: Peaches, Humpy, Kapowski, Kapowski's M (sorry I forgot your Nickname)

Apparently, since becoming Master Q, Cousin Eddie has enacted several new rules. One in particular is: “A workout didn’t really happen unless you write a backblast about it.”

So, to appease this new rule and its originator, here is a backblast:

Humpy and YHC ran 5 miles today starting at New Hope Baptist Church. We ran down to Panera, and back, with a few turns here and there.

Also, in order to help out a fellow brother subject to the new laws of the Master Q, I will also write a brief BB for him. Kapowski and his M, while on vacation at some beach, ran this morning, in what I assume to be a nice breezy and relaxing run. The mileage was undisclosed, but judging by Kapow’s selfie on the Voxer, it was a decent amount (there was not much of a smile in the picture).

So there ya have it. 4 PAX (I forgot Kapowski’s M’s nickname) posted this morning for a run. I’d say that’s a good way to start a Monday and a holiday week. We all got better.

Glad our runs are official now!

Thanks Cuz!

PS: Here’s my BB from Arrow a few weeks ago that I have somehow neglected to run. We ran a route in the shape of the letter “P”. It ended up being around 6.5 miles, which Retread complained about – saying he remembers the days when Arrow was a 5 mile run. Good news for me, is that I don’t, so 6.5 is the new norm, plus Retread didn’t even show up. It was a good route.

WOD: Happy 4th of July everyone. I’m grateful for each and everyone of you.


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