F3 Works

  • When: 7/8/2017
  • QIC: Clifford BRD
  • The PAX: Part Time, 3-Dog, Staples, Rouge, Baby Murr, Pedro Martini, 2.0 PBJ, The Dude, and Clifford BRD

Well it was one fantastic morning for a beatdown 75 degrees and humidity was in full force, but we didn’t let that slow us down. After finding out that Plank was going to stay one more morning at the beach and play in the sand. YHC was beyond happy to sub in for him. Plank I hope you had fun with the 4 horsemen Q. And after being a beach bum myself all last week it was a bit difficult to roll out of the fartsack, but YHC did get up and at it and this is what happened.


SSH x 15 IC
Star Jump x 10 OYO
IST x 15 IC
Bobby Hurley x 10 OYO
Moroccan Nightclub x 50 IC
Merkin x 15 OYO
LBC x 25

Mosey to YHC truck and get the 10×10 post

Indian Run with the post a little over one big lap at the park to accomplish this task.

Mosey back to the small picnic table by the Flag. For the Tour de Picnic Tables.

Table 1: Incline Merkin x 20 OYO
Table 2: Decline Merkin x 15 OYO
Table 3: Step-Ups 15 each leg OYO
Table 4: Dips x 25 OYO
Table 5: Bench Press the table x 20 OYO

Mosey to the parking deck, but YHC got lost and went the long way. Oops my bad. Instead of the normal way to the parking deck we took the nice nasty hill that haunts us every time we do a 5K. For those that have ran the Apple Festival or Robin’s Run you know what hill YHC is talking about.

Once at the deck we partnered up wheelbarrow up the steps once at the top run over to the wall for 10 Cliffhanger Merkins run back to the bottom level and flapjack. Back to the steps for calf raises x 20 IC

Mosey back to the top deck and ran an LBC suicide. Run out set distance 5 LBC back to start, out to next set point 15 LBC back to start, out to next set point 30 LBC back to start.

Mosey back to the Flag and done.

Well it don’t look like much, but it sucked. Had some mumble chatter today it’s been a while since YHC has had a good level it during a Q or maybe I’m going deaf. Right out the gate very first exercise SSH and The Dude without missing a beat he says “should have seen that one coming” apparently who ever is on Q always starts off with SSH. Hey man it’s a good starting exercise don’t knock it. Then as we finish the 50 Moroccan Nightclubs and YHC calls 15 Merkins Staples out of nowhere “we have to do Merkins after all those MNC’s.” The Q answered with a simple. Yep! On the Indian Run someone said wow this post is heavier than it looks. Well it might be it did sit out in all the storms we had last week so it might have added on some water weight. At the parking deck YHC could tell that Staples wasn’t feeling it today and before anyone could say anything to him he goes “Wow that run to get here really told me how out of shape I am.” At some point in time can’t really remember where but YHC heard Staples say “can I puke now.” Any time you want to Staples just let it out. Part Time said to me that he knew YHC was Q’ing and just knew that there wouldn’t be much running. Sorry Part Time but sometimes I do stupid things. Hope the foot gets better. Again guys it was an honor to lead this morning and YHC is so proud of strong each one of these men are. Part Time all that running on a sore foot, Staples just not feeling it but he dug deep and kept pushing to the end. Pedro and PBJ the father, son duo good work. And our two new young bloods Rouge and Baby Murr wow these get hit it hard. And last but not least The Dude and 3-Dog. These two guys push themselves so hard to beat each other. We know that F3 is not a competition, yeah right try to tell those two.

I was pushed back and about to fall, but the LORD helped me. The LORD is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation. Psalm 118:13-14

Always an honor to work with you men Clifford out!!!!!!!

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