Non-Runners Unite

  • When: 07/12/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Igloo, Freud, Phylgm...hell since we's in Burke Co now - Flim, Peaches, Flamer, Cousin Eddie

Yes, I run. I’ve run a 1/2 marathon, several 5Ks, The Bear x3, SMR, P200 x2, BRR. I own compression shin things – 3 pairs to boot. I have a pair of Hokkas. I was even gifted a pair of sweat 5″ shorts that allow my boys to breathe freely at my 9:30/mile pace. I will even go so far as to say that there are times where I enjoy running. But I still am not a runner. I will never own a coveted Mug. I will never place in my age group. My excuse is that Herniator and Sweet Heat are in my group, but let’s be honest that’s not the reason. The real reason is that I am not fast. I’m a plodder. Training for BRR last summer was one of the most miserable things I’ve done. It’s not the running 20+ miles/week that got me, but the fact that the training lasted all summer. My extra gut fluff keeps me nice and warm in the winter but it also makes me extra miserable in the summer. So out of a desire to not post at Arrow – sorry Fuse – until it gets cooler, I decided that surely there are others like me that want to exercise on Wednesday without running 5 miles. And BAM, just like that was created. I have to give credit to Igloo for finding the location. It’s a great spot and I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to actually use it. And if you want to know how it got it’s name, you’ll have to post.
– Warmups: SSH x 15, ATT x 15 IC

– Grab 2 bricks and mosey to Burke County. That’s right boys, we ran all the way to another county this am. What’s that? Your AO only encompasses one county? Well that’s too bad, because Organ Grinder is so big, we’re in 2 at the same time. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. While in Burke Co, 15 merkins IC. Mosey back to the bottom of the parking lot w/ the big hill.
– Broad Jump burpees w/ brick to the top of the lot.
– mosey into park and around to the bottom of the large Rickety Stairs.
– Set bricks down, mosey to the small flat part between 2 more hills.
– ladder called. 1 squat at bottom, 1 merkin at top. Up to 10 each, then back down to 1 each. Thanks for the inspiration Kapowski.
– American Hammers x15 IC at bball court
– 20 Swerkins OYO
– mosey to the bottom of the Rather Large Hill
– reverse run to the top of RLH
– retrieve your bricks, down Rickety Stairs
– cash in your bricks for my favorite…blocks
– leave your block on one end of the parking lot “mosey” to the other side
– mosey to your block, do 25 reps of exercise, go back to other side, repeat:
– curls
– kettle bells
– overhead press
– bench press
– american hammers
1 minute left. Do we quit? Hells no, this aint no run club. AMRAP bench presses.

WOD: JOhn 13:14
Read it. Be ready. All of us will be called very soon to start helping our community out and it’s about time that f3hickory start giving back.

Dear Dairy:
– we were going to do backwards bear crawls up the stairs but those stairs aren’t to be trusted, screw that
– the small flat part between 2 more hills is also where YHC used to play Cup Ball Baseball while my broham played baseball.
– I was the Babe Ruth of Cup Ball Baseball. Only equipment needed was a wax Pepsi cup. I challenge anyone to a game.
– I also used to school folk on the bball court there. Pretty sure they used to call me the Kurt Rambis of Jaycee Court.
– bidding for the naming rights for Rather Large Hill start at a six pack. YHC prefers Creature Comforts and/or High Life.
– same applies to naming rights for Rickety Stairs
– that last “mosey” was more like a geriatric walk
– this AO is fantastic. Huge hills to be had. There will be lots of misery brought’n from your Q’s here. Dare I say this will be tougher than ER? Why don’t you get out of your fartsack and find out? We only scratched the surface out there today. Can’t wait to
see what’s in store for OG!
– T Claps to the Redwood Originals of OG
– there’s still some chatter out there about whether or not back blasts are worth writing. THEY ARE. YOU SHOULD WRITE ONE. ALWAYS. Can we please quit moaning about this? I feel that I’m partially to blame because I’ve been moaning about whatever The Nation is doing w/ the website. Maybe that’s caused some folk to think that their BB will not make it to the cybernets in time.
I don’t know what the plan by The Nation is. But have you noticed that their date for turning off BB access has already passed? All is going to be fine, keep writing people. All BB matter.

Ed. He gone.

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