BB 2 of 3 for the week

  • When: 7/12/17
  • QIC: Powder
  • The PAX: Hot Lips, Squints, Humpy, Stonewall, Fuse, HBC, FNG (

On Tuesday at Howitzer when Jordache said “I need a subQ for tomorrow seeing I will be in San Francisco. Who wants it?” And no one spoke up YHC decided to volunteer making total Qs for the week 3. (See title of Post, with 1 more at RAM to go). Knowing that the real men of F3 Hickory would post at , compared to some new AO called OG, I wanted to have a good route. By the way YHC thinks OG stands for “ordinary garbage” but I could be wrong. If I am wrong I am sure there is someone who might be able to correct me. #CuzisaRunner (he probably wont ever see this post but if he does he can leave a comment below)

The Thang:

Run down 16th Ave and continue onto 5thSt and go through Hutton Estates. Take a left out of Hutton Estates and head down 6th St. Turn right onto 6th St Dr heading towards the Pines 2 and continue onto 9th St. Follow 9th St all the way to the RR tracks, turn left onto Main Ave, and last left onto 4th St. Once on 4th take it all the way back to Corinth Parking Lot.

Total Distance= 5.75 miles


YHC cheated and used the same as Tuesday since the only overlap was Humpy. If you haven’t read the Howitzer BB go back and read it for the scripture.


YHC was ready to roll when 5:15 came around when 7 other men showed up. YHC was super impressed that 3 men (Fuse, Squints, HBC) that ran the Grandfather Marathon on Saturday showed up for Arrow on Wednesday. YHC can tell you one thing if I ever run a marathon, very doubtful, I definitely wont be at the next Arrow or even maybe the next 4 Arrows. Great run men

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Cousin Eddie

Pow Pow and all other men of Arrow,
Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to post at Ordinary Garbage next week. You’ll soon find out that this is where the real men of f3hickory are. No soccer arms allowed. No Candyland, Gumdrops, Cotton Candy AO here bossman.
Hope you can make it. To the end of the workout that is.