Tuesday Hurler BB

  • When: 07/12/17
  • QIC: Twig
  • The PAX: Banjo, Assid, Kleenex, Paula Deen, Tater Hole

6 Pax at Tuesday morning.  It was very warm and humid.

Warmups x 15

  • SSH
  • Humpies
  • Imperial Storm Troopers
  • Alt toe touches
  • Windmills
  • Arm Circles
  • Reverse Arm Circles

We mosied to the town square where we did a series of exercises and ran around the town square between each exercise.  The exercises were x 10 and included:

  • Burpees
  • Imperial Storm Troopers
  • WWII Situps
  • Peter Parkers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • LBC’s
  • Squats
  • RBC’s
  • Merkins
  • American Hammers

We mosied to the wall beside Mackie Furniture and did two sets of the following wall execrcises:

  • Mohammed Ali’s x 10
  • Joe Fraziers x 10
  • Ken Nortons x 10
  • Itsy Bitsy Spiders x 10

We then did the following two sets of wall exercises:

  • Pushup Bras
  • Arm Circles
  • Reverse Arm Circles

We mosied to a low wall near the bank and did Merkin count down ladder, 10, 9, …1.  Between each set of Merkins we scaled the wall and ran around the back of the wall back to the start.

We mosied to the block pile and did the following block exercises, 10 each:

  • Curls
  • Overhead Presses
  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Bench Presses
  • Skull Crushers

We then repeated these exercises doing 5 each.

We put the blocks up and mosied to the AO and did 10 WWII sit ups.

Count off.


Devotion was about how we should treat others good and with love.

Announcements and prayer requests.




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