Ed’s mind is a raging torrent

  • When: 07/20/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Retread, Powder, Beaker, Sheamus, Phlegm (nailed it), Squints, FNG - Snare, Ditch Chicken, Herniator, Publix, Peaches, Wahoo, Cousin Eddie

First of all, how about this new website?  Pretty cool eh?  When you see Taz, please thank him for this.  My man did this all by himself.  I guess he figured since he’s still gimped up and can’t post, he might as well do something worthwhile.  This thing is great.  You may also notice that there’s a way to donate…yes donate.  Workouts – always free.  Website hosting – not free.  There’s no pressure to give $$, but you’d be a lot cooler if you did.


Started w/ disclaimer, not a pro, help to your car, etc, etc



Arm Circles IC

Swerkins – 15 IC

Got up out of the swings to find 2 pax just staring at us due to limited amount of swings.  Tried to flapjack and let them do Swerkins on my call, but I was apparently all Swerkin’d out and had to stop a bit short #edhassoccerarms. I would apologize for that, but you were late so there’s that.

One lap around Viewmont track.  I had the next 40 minutes all planned out to a T.  Down to the last second.  I was firing on all cylinders.  Ed’s mind was a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives (for the young’ns reference this:  sweet clip  No, I’m sure it was pretty obvious to all but I had no plan.  At all.  My mind was a bIank slate. I hate no plan.  I’m better than this.  Come on Ed, what are we going to do?  As we moseyed I was getting seriously heckled by Retread (you made the BB dude), Powder, and others about all kinds of junk.  From this being a Candyland workout to my big assed gym shorts.  Then it hit me.  Why do we not have any blocks in our hands?  Let’s go change that junk.  Mosey to the block pile, grab one per partner, mosey back to Viewmont.

Line up on one end of the track.  Partner 1 stays put and starts on exercise while Partner 2 sprints to the other end of the field and back to switch it up.

Curls – 300

Next call was for 250 Russian Twists.  The running partner was supposed to sprint 1/2 way across field, find a temporary companion and do 5 partner squats each, return and switch.

And here’s where I just got a big ole F You and your exercises called Eddie.

Some pax listened and some did individual squats.  Apparently folk don’t like the partner squats.  I tried to be accommodating and told the fellas that if the partner squats didn’t work to do 10 partner high 5 merkins.  Ed gets another F U and chaos ensued with almost no one doing anything during the sprint.   Then when some pax were done, they thought it was time to just stand around and chat while other folk worked.  That’ll cost you 10 burpees.

Mosey to long wall for people’s chair.

Mosey to short wall for step ups IC.

Back to steps for calf raises IC

Couple minutes of Mary:

  • 6 inches
  • pretzels from Powder

Back to blocks.  We had close to 3 minutes left, so we did 10 block burpees each

WOD:  Be still and know that I am the Lord your God

That’s for you Root.  Thinking of you and praying for you.

Welcome FNG – Snare.  Glad you found us

Dear Dairy:

  • after reading Fuse’s BB from yesterday, I’m not real sure that I am worthy of BB writing.  That dude has talent.  Stop what your doing and read it.  Ok, actually can you at least finish reading this crapper first?
  • Went old school on the folk today and spent all of our time at Viewmont.  Even planted the flag there.  That was kinda fun
  • A Cousin Eddie with no Winkie is a Cousin Eddie that has to think on the fly.  This can be dangerous.  CE will have Winkie next time.
  • Anyone seen Abe in a while?  Did he move or something?
  • What about Twig and Udder Butter?  Did they form their own F3 group?
  • Fun fact:  did you know that the nation’s FEMA director posted w/ us once?  Nickname?  Katrina.  Possibly the most appropriate nickname ever.   But he’s a crossfit man, so don’t get all excited just yet.
  • Serious note:  if you know of someone that hasn’t posted in a while please bring them back.  We need lots of bodies with all of these AO’s that we have on Wednesdays now
  • Shortest commute that fartsacked today:  Tooth Fairy
  • Longest commute that fartsacked today:  Patty Mayo
  • Longest fart:  Cropduster
  • Shortest dude:  Taz
  • First person to T Clap this backblast gets $5

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I’m so happy!! I made the BackBlast (even if it was for being the shortest dude). Surely there is someone shorter?
What was with all the F-bombs? Glad you punished them with Burpees!
You’re right, Fuse has some BB’ing skills. Need to see more of that!
Oh, now I want my $5.