Careful Ed will play with your wood

  • When: 07/27/2017
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Cable Guy, Hot Lips, Binary, Cousin Eddie


Couple of warmups.

SSH x15

Windmills x15

ATT x15

Very slow mosey to the infamous Pile.  These guys have looted all kinds of good stuff: one massive tire, telephone poles, blocks, Tooth Fairy sized bricks, and some hybrid that’s not quite a block and not quite a brick.

Time for some spoke.

Start in the middle w/ 10 burpees, go to a corner and do work – always 20 reps, return to the middle after each exercise corner and gimme 10 burpees, repeat for 4 corners.


Overhead press and squat w/ log

Lunges w/ hybrids

Curls w/ blocks

Wide arm merkins

Round 2:

Log curls

No idea what they’re called.  Some type of row w/ hybrids

Russian Twists

Hand Release Merkins

Round 3:

Bench Press w/ log was called.  Epic Fail.  Had to Omaha and do squats w/ logs

Tricep extensions w/ hybrids

WW2 situps w/ blocks

Diamond Merkins

WOD: Be still and know that I am the Lord your God

Dear Diary:

  • there were exactly 2 pax present at 5:28:15 and one of those – Hot Lips – didn’t even turn his whip off until 5:29:40
  • apparently the start time of 5:30 is a mere suggestion at Star.  Lots of milling around.  Pretty sure this is partly the reason that drove Abe to R-U-N-O-F-T
  • These fellas do work.  They were even willing to stay overtime to finish Round 3.  The stash of coupons is very impressive.  That being said, they are in no hurry to get from Point A to Point B.  I think I noticed a slug to stop, turn around, and encourage Cable Guy to hurry up already.
  •  If you haven’t seen Binary do a burpee, you should.  The man does some type of deconstructed burpee that he calls OMB – Old Man Burpees.  Pretty effective.
  • There were a couple of pre-workout tweets sent out and banter ensued.  This was all in jest and no one walked away butt hurt.  This is the way that tweets are meant to be between pax and exactly zero tweets from Cousin Eddie should be taken seriously.  Except for the ones about the fact that you should post at that new AO called Organ Grinder.
  • The yoga mats were not needed this AM.
  • Always a pleasure to work out w/ my brothers from Bethlehem.

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Great job. Hate I missed it. And for the record, I take nothing you say seriously 🙂