Stargate Thunder Run

  • When: 07/26/17
  • QIC: Double Bogey
  • The PAX: Friar, Babyface, Spokes, Audit, Double Bogey (Q)

I’m amazed how within a second the weather can change.  According to my weather app there were was a slim chance of rain with an overcast sky.  When I arrived at , there was lightning in the sky and thunder following closely behind.  Should I have called it, yeah.  Did I, no.  Five men braved the storm.  We had a difficult five mile run that consisted of hills and more hills.  A route that went to my house and then the church I pastor at.  I’ve always wanted to run on my road but never did because of the fear of being bitten by three  good size dogs.  Lets just say I was testing the waters with the men.  I feel much comfortable running on my road now.  From my neighborhood, our route took us back into town where we ran on the backside of a furniture plant that basically looped us to .  Hills, hills, hills, and hills.  This is Lenoir, so, yeah.

Double Bogey out.

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