• When: 08/26/2017
  • QIC: Bing

For F3 Hickory and Hickory Christian Academy
August 26, 2017 is going to be a historical day . . .

Speed for Need is taking charge within F3 Nation, and the Hickory Christian Academy 5k is the Hickory Region’s chance to bring this service to our Region – the first opportunity for Speed for Need outside of Metro.


Often referred to as the fastest (and flattest) 5K course in Hickory, the HCA 5k will give our Track Commanders (aka athlete riders) a chance to experience some wind in their hair. That feeling of speed, paired with the cheering fans along the course, have all the ingredients to make this a memorable event.


Hickory will have two chairs available for the race that day (the other two will be with our brothers in F3Metro for a race out there). The goal of Speed for Need is to provide our riders that special dose of F3 love and encouragement while giving them a great ride and awesome experince. The byproduct of this effort will be an example for other racers and bystanders (with the essential help of our athlete-rider friends) of hope, compassion, and fortitude – a true example of #Iam3rd


Like the previous Speed for Need races, we’re planning a huge F3 turnout. That’s where YOU, the Hickory Region PAX, come in. This is a good way to finish the summer and see how all that run training has paid off.


So what do you need to know. Well…



#3 Help YHC – Bing – push, and/or volunteer to push the 2nd chair.



  1. If you were unable to attend the first official SFN event (as most of Hickory was unable to), take a minute to read Nash’s backblast here (and be sure to watch the youtube link at the end).
  2. We’re still looking for a 2nd Track Commander for the race, and 2 groups of three men (YHC is 1 for the 1st team) who will each push the chair for a mile to maximize the speed effect.
    1. Our 1st Track Commander is Monica Bowman, a member of the Noah’s Ark Class at Corinth Church.
  3. The HCA 5K begins at 8:00AM on August 26, 2017 and will start and finish at Hickory Christian Academy (3260 6th St Dr NW, Hickory, NC 28601).  Course description:
    1. This 3.1 mile race will start at HCA (3260 6th Street Dr. NW)
    2. 0.6 mile west on 6th St. Dr. and turn around;
    3. 1.5 miles east on 6th St. Dr., almost to Hwy 127 and turn around;
    4. 1 mile west, return to HCA
  4. Entry fee is $20 (+$2.75 fee) until August 18, then it goes up to $30. Save 10 bucks and sign up in the next couple days. There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION, so register beforehand. Register Here
  5. We will have an Official F3 SPEEDFORNEED canopy near the start line, but we will still need plenty of Shovel Flags to help bring attention.  Please plan to congregate there before and after the race for a quick photo op with the Track Commanders and race chairs.  We also have race cards that will go to the TCs; need everyone to sign this thing before carrying on with their Saturday.
  6. Race Chairs: Thursday – Need someone with a truck (or large SUV) to meet @JRRTolkien to get our chairs for Saturday (and to return). I am available to go with or if you would let me borrow. My other option is to borrow my M’s minivan.
  7. Parking – tons of parking at HCA and Neill Clark.
  8. If you are running, we plan to stay together as a group as much as possible. (We will let those jackrabbits – yes, you, Herniator and Jordache – get the hardware.) The race chariots will be mostly in the lead and we will fan out in a group behind the chairs – could use some men carrying shovel flags as well. Be careful, or you might get dropped by the chariots.
  9. If you have no interest in running, please still come on out.  Lots of 2nd F and fun for the family. We also need a couple PAX to hang around the tent during the race in case any passersby have questions about F3 or SPEEDFORNEED.
  10. SPEEDFORNEED is fully funded by donations – that means the PAX are the LIFEBLOOD of this program. Check out the website (www.f3speedforneed.com), and donate to support this effort.
  11. Last thing – T-Shirts, what would an F3 Event be without another shirt. There are SPEEDFORNEED shirts and singlets for sale. Message me (bing@f3hickory.com or @wwightm on Twitter) in advance of the race and we will pick them up with the chairs ($20 each / sportek kids and adults and singlets too)


This should be a ton of fun. I am excited and I know Monica and her mother, Connie, are as well. Please help support this awesome cause and race.

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Bing, this is awesome. Thanks for taking the lead on this and for being the Event Q. I can’t wait to see a huge F3 turnout at this race. It’s one of my favorites.