Whipping Stick meets the MOUNT

  • When: 08/05/2017
  • QIC: Doughboy
  • The PAX: Tooth Fairy, Beaker, Taz, Goodwill

So this was my second attempt to lead the pax at (first was delayed to an injury) so I had a lot to live up to with the mighty men at WS.  I tried not to disappoint and decided to introduce them to a MOUNT workout.  Short sale would have been proud.

Warm-up (all done in cadence)

SSH 15

Humpy 12

IST 10

Mountain Climbers 10

Peter Parkers 10

Mosey to the softball field for some work.

First exercise was a bear crawl with a burpee.  Pax bear crawled to 1st base and did 3 burpees, bear crawled to 2nd base for 6 burpees, bear crawled to 3rd base for 9 burpees, and finally bear crawled home.

Second exercise was a run around the bases with squats at each base – 20, 15, 10, 5.

After this, we moseyed back to the coupons.  Now there has been a lot of talk about who has the best blocks in Hickory and we are proud of our Mount blocks, so I brought The Mount blocks to Whipping Stick.  An exercise that is a favorite at The Mount is named after our AO – MOUNT.  Each letter represents an exercise and after you spell MOUNT, you do a little run.  Here’s how it goes:

M – Merkin

O – Overhead Press

U – Up and over (staggered Merkin)

N – Nose curls (slow curls for the girls bring the block to your face)

T – Tricep Extension

You do one rep of each and then complete a run.  Then do 2 reps of each and complete a run – all the way to 10.  Due to time constraints, we didn’t come back down to 1 which the PAX were appreciative of.

We finished up with some Mary – LBC’s, RBC’s, Canoe (hold for 30 seconds), and Dying Cockroach.  After this we were done.

WOD was a thought with a favorite movie quote of mine – “What we do in life echoes in eternity.”  I talked about my time on the mission trip with our youth group and how they show the love of God by helping others.  We do not always see what impact we will have on others, but one day we will, whether it be good or bad.

It was a great day to be with the men at Whipping Stick.  I always enjoy working out with them on Saturday morning and it was a privilege to lead them in a workout.

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