Hills, Hills, and More Hill

  • When: 08/09/17
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Double Bogey, Baby Face, Old School, Spokes, Friar (Q)

Ive really enjoyed this little Run A/O we call ! This week was no different! The ONE DIFFERENCE this week is I’m at the beginning stages of the Tuna Run Relay training; which means that I ran the night before slightly over 5 miles. YC was exhausted, as this was my first evening training. The real kicker was I had made the route several days before I had planned to run; and I made the route extremely brutal. I mean a ton of hills and few hundred feet of elevation gain. Way more than any chump from Arrow runs on a Wednesday; though they are the self proclaimed best running A/O!

The Route:

Down Harper, left by post office, down Ridge, left on Ashe, left on Willow, right on West Ave; take a left by builder supply, take a left on College, right on Main, all the way down Pennton, take a right on Pennton Ave, right on Kentwood (brutal hill), left on Grove, left on Mt View, back to Pennton, down Pennton and take a right on Eastview (another brutal hill), right on Olive, go to Mulberry and take a right, left again on Pennton, and take a left on Meadow and begin the HUGE ascent up that hill! We took a couple turns until we got over said hill back on College, then a right on Mulberry, left on West, right on Church for our last hill going up to Hospice take two lefts and made our way back to the A/O!

Great time with you men, today! Fuse wishes he could have joined us for sure!

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