Taking HIITs at PrisonBreak

  • When: 08/10/17
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Double Bogey, Snips, Baby Face, Gore, Twin, Spokes, PBR, Swinger, Friar (Q)

Due to taking on a new training schedule for the upcoming Tuna Run; this was YHC’s last Q at PrisonBreak until November. I say this to say I wanted to make sure it was “memorable! We rolled in, some later than others, to do this:


Humpies ICx10
Rev LAC ICx15

For 3 minutes repeat this cycle

Plank Jacks – 30
SSH – 20
Burpees – 10

Jump Ropes – 30
Mtn Climbers – 20
Merkins – 10

High Knees – 30
Curls – 20
Dips on block – 10

Calf Raises – 30
Lunges – 20
Jump Squats – 10

(Repeat this cycles x2; 2nd time reducing reps by half)
LBCs – 50
Freddie Mercury – 40
WWII Sit-ups – 30
RBCs – 20
Oblique Crunches – 10/side

2 minutes AMRAP (x2)

Ice Skaters
Line Jumps
Double Merkin Burpees
Lunge Jumps


We went over a piece by Thom Rainer on 6 reasons dying churches die. YHC pointed out these items can extend beyond our churches to our personal spiritual walk and the spiritual walk of our households.

The PAX endured the HIITs delivered and got better this morning. It was a pleasure men!

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