4 Corners at The Mount

  • When: 08/17/2017
  • QIC: Doughboy
  • The PAX: Short Sale, Has Been, Sweet Heat, Steam Engine

5 HIM showed up on a muggy, 72 degree Thursday morning to get better.  There was rumor that we might have a FNG, but he didn’t show.  Maybe he’ll come next week.

Warm up (all done in cadence):

SSH – 15

ATT – 12

Little Arm Circles – 10

Reverse Arm Circles – 10

Humpy – 10

Moseyed to our block pile and had each PAX grab 2 coupons for a fireman’s carry to our parking lot for the workout.  Realized that it was much farther than I had in my mind and decided, screw that, leave one coupon and carry the other one.  We’ll pick up the other coupon on the way back.

Once we made it to the parking lot, each PAX placed a coupon at the corner of the lot with one in the middle.  Since there were 4 corners, we had 4 circuits of work with 4 different exercises.  After completion of one exercise, PAX run to middle and do 5 burpees.

Here’s how it went down (remember 5 burpees after each exercise):

1st circuit – Legs

Squats – 25

Lunges – 20

Squat Jump – 20

Calf Raises – 25

2nd circuit – Chest and Shoulders

Hand Release Merkins – 20

Block Merkins – 20

Block Overhead Press – 25

Block Bench Press – 25

3rd circuit – Biceps and Triceps

Curls for the Girls – 30

Tricep Dips on the Block – 20

Reverse (pronate) Curls – 15

Block Rows – 25

4th circuit – Abs

LBC’s – 25

Flutter Kicks – 20

RBC’s – 20

Big Boy Sit-ups – 15

The PAX completed all of this as well as 80 burpees.  Very proud of these men.

Once we were done with all this, we carried our coupons (and picked up the one that we dropped off) back to the block pile with a mosey back to the flag.

WOD was from Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”  God has a plan for us and it’s up to us to seek His plan.  Are we seeking His plan for our lives or are we focused on what our plans are?

It was great to lead the men at The Mount.  We may not have the biggest numbers in attendance, but we have a faithful crew that are there each Tuesday and Thursday to get better.

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