Preblast: ER in reverse

  • When: 082817
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: You. And your moms.

A preblast?  What in the wide world of sports is that?  Yes, from time to time, a man will peck out something on the computer BEFORE the workout.  Crazy, isn’t it?

Tomorrow’s format will be Old School’esque.  There will be the standard 5 stops per lap.  From 3rd Ave and N Center, run to the stoplight and work, top of the parking deck stairs and work, bottom of parking deck stairs: work, top of other stairs: work, bottom of stairs: work, run to the start = 1 lap.

Instead of starting w/ 20 reps of each exercise on the first lap, we’ll start w/ 10.  After each lap we’ll increase the number of reps by one.  So instead of getting easier w/ each completed lap it’ll get harder…..TWSS.

Think anyone can complete 10 laps?  Post and find out.  Odds on favorite Jordache is apparently walking around town in a boot, so the ER Crown is up for grabs.

For the ER Regulars, the latest Vegas odds are here:

  • Beaker:  zero chance.  Too many Sunday beers and oatmeal pies are his ultimate downfall
  • Powder: high chance….that he’ll be doing girl pushups by Lap 4
  • Banjo:  70% chance.  Dude is quiet fast.  May require an auditor to run w/ him to verify merkin form.
  • Twig:  see Beaker, but sub Sunday beers for Sunday milkshakes and bum knees
  • Suppository:  68% chance.  Since his Lulus don’t have a gusseted crotch, he’ll lose valuable time adjusting his biznass after getting up from the LBCs
  • Fuse:  45% chance.  Too busy tweeting about how awesome he thinks Arrow is.
  • Kapowski:  78%.  Dude is in top BRR form and is still fuming from the 0.5 point loss to Suppository at the Great ER Showdown.  Or did he beat SP by 0.5 pt?  They look too much alike to tell the difference.
  • Retread:  30%.  He’ll be 5 minutes late.
  • Sooner: 30%.  Too busy waiting for Retread so he can beat him up the hill (again)
  • Phlegm:  40%.  Also quiet fast.  May need to double check form on this cat too.
  • Flamer:  1%.  See Beaker’s excuse and pile on “seen downtown w/ zinc oxide on his nose and still wearing beach gear”
  • Cousin Eddie:  99.9%.  Because if I gave myself a 100% it would be considered cocky.
  • Peaches:  0%.  He’ll be running Lollipop Loop w/ Plank, Hot Lips, Humpy, and Crop
  • Publix:  11%.  Head trauma from the infamous ER pull up bar still has him seeing double
  • For whoever I’ve forgotten, sorry.  When I’m spittin’ gold like this, there are always casualties and you were it this week.

Ed.  Gone.  Wheels up at 5:30:00.  Excuses are like…well you know the rest.


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