• When: 08/29/17
  • QIC: Flamer
  • The PAX: Humpy, Squints, Rooster, Sheamus, Phlegm, Sooner, Powder, Fuzzy Balls, Retread, Bing, Root, Suppository

So I fartsacked on Monday for the ER but had the Q for Howitzer Tuesday.  hmmmm what should I do?  The AO’s are fairly close so let’s do both.  Great idea, Flamey let’s do it!

5:30am Mosey to ER flag (oh yeah it was there waiting for us)

We had to do a little warmup for the FIA guys so:  Windmills x 15, SSH x 15 (and a search for Rooster’s keys-I’ll share more on that later)

1 lap of ER AMRAP but with 10 Burpees at each stop (50 Burpees total)

Mosey to First Bapt to block pile (this ended up being an obstacle itself due to construction going on downtown)

Partner up for 120 Curls and 75 Overhead Press while Partner 2 runs to end of parking lot and does 5 squats (some guys felt the need to grab the rim on the ball goal-congratulations its 9 feet)

Partner Wheelbarrow across the grass with 5 Derkins

Mosey back to Howitzer flag for Ab work: Flamer sit-ups, LBC’s, Dolly, Low plank, Superman Bannana, 6″ (story of Cuz Eddies life), and WW2 sit-ups

So we had some drama this morning during warmup when Rooster lost his keys.  He said during the SSH the key went flying out of his hand.  We looked for a few minutes but couldn’t find it.  After the workout when we all went back to look for them someone asked what color is it and he said it’s a black, silverish, gold key.  Sooner said isn’t that 3 colors.  We searched but couldn’t find it.  Someone said they drove by later that day and saw Rooster searching with a metal detector.  I hope you found them bud.  Note to self don’t hold keys while doing exercises.  Another note, what kind of F3 brother just drives by knowing what he’s doing without stopping? J/k

Thanks brothers. See you at the OG mañana!  Unless you go to the FIA workout on Wed. know as Arrow.

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