What was that shriek?

  • When: 9/15/17
  • QIC: Kapowski
  • The PAX: Billie Jean, Flamer, Suppository, Phlegm, Plank, AWOL, Beaker

Coming off the recent BRR without most of my F3 Hickory brothers, YHC was determined to share just a small taste of what it was like.  Trust me, didn’t do it justice, but this particular RAM was tilted a little more toward the R part of RAM.  You can’t say I didn’t warn you as there was a preblast outlining total distace expected.  Here is how it went down:



• No time for warm-o-rama, didn’t you read the preblast


The Thang:

Go left out of LR parking lot and run towards Hampton Heights.  Stop at what used to be Villa Oaks (or Villa Hood as we used to fondly refer to it).  Super 21, only 10 because as YHC already pointed out, we’ll cover over 4 miles.  Start at 10 merkins and one squat, then 9 and 2, and so forth until you are at 1 merkin and 10 squats.  When done go right and run all the way until the 90 degree curve at the end of the road.  Repeat super 10.  Run up 23rd whatever (place Drive court avenue) all the way to 127.  This has a really nice climb.  At 127 do super 10 one last time.  Bring it home for last two miles down 127, left at Lowes, past Hickory High, and back to LR.


•  Mudrun two weeks



1 Peter 5:2

“Just as Shepards watch over their sheep, you must watch over everyone God has placed in your care.  Do it willingly in order to please God and not because you think you must.  Let it be something you want to do, and not merely to make money.”



• “I’m not a runner” Billie Jean is seriously considering doing a relay.  Sounded like a HC to YHC.

• YHC wanted to Run up 23rd since HBC took us there for IBEX.

•  Running up 23rd towards 127 with Suppository and Billie Jean, we heard a girlish shriek just behind us.  After some careful investigation it was determined to be Phlegm, who claimed a Rottweiler was chasing him.  None of us saw it, you decide.  He really did scream like a girl.

• Cotters for the slightly long Q.

•  Always a pleasure to be with you men.










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