You must whip it.

  • When: 09/16/17
  • QIC: Tooth Fairy
  • The PAX: Beaker, Cousin Eddie, Sooner, Doughboy, Publix, Tooth Fairy

6 bad hombres circled up in the gloom to take their weekend whoopin’.  Here’s what we did:

  • SSH
  • ATT
  • Jump Rope
  • Ali
  • Frazier
  • High Knee
  • Butt Kick
    • The above ICx20
  • Mosey down to the cul de sac by the bridge
  • Merkin
  • Squat
  • Plank/Pike alternating toe touch
    • Above ICx10.  Was planning to do more here, but that skunk smell tho’
  • Hop the gate and Mosey through The Villages
  • Merkin
  • Lunge
  • Plank/Pike alt toe touch
    • ICx10
  • Indian Run Mosey up to New Hope lower parking lot
  • Merkin
  • Squat
  • Plank/Pike alt toe touch
    • ICx10
  • Mosey to pull up bars
  • Pull ups (duh), others arm circles
  • Hanging leg raises, others arm circles
  • Toes to bar, others arm circles
    • 10 each, PAX divided into 2 groups of 3
  • Mosey back to Northview
  • Errybody gets 2 bricks (exercises below with bricks, ICx10)
  • Floyd Mayweathers
  • Planking alt tricep extensions
  • American Hammer
  • WWII sit ups
  • Boat/Canoe
  • 15 min game Ultimate Frisbee

This workout went off-Weinke very early and no guarantees are made as to the accuracy of this backblast.  YHC had a good time at the helm with this great group of guys.  The mumble chatter was up to the high Whipping Stick standard.  Plenty of room in the circle for all of you Saturday fartsackers.  See you next week?


COT, count, names

WOD from Hebrews 10:19-25




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