Ed’s Sermon at the Mount

  • When: 09/19/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Has Been, Short Sale, Velma, Doughboy, Gremlin, Daewoo, Sweat Heat, Quick Lube

Conditions:  Sober


Disclaimer (You don’t want to get sued do you?)

Warm Ups:  SSH, ATT, Old Man Windmills, 5 burpees

Partner up: 10 partner squats, 20 partner derkins

Mosey 1/2 mile to blocks

20 HR Merkins OYO

Carry blocks back to large grassy field

P1 exercise w/ block

P2 run to other end of field, 10 squats.  Flip flop.  Flapjack.  Switchero.

150 curls

100 kettle bells

100 bench press

100 goblet squats

100 overhead press

P1: 20 Blurpees, P2: wide arm merkins while you wait for your turn

Do these have a name?  P1 on his back, grab P2 ankles, raise legs, P2 pushes them down…1 minute and flip flop/jack

Asheville Abs.

Mosey another 3 miles to the block pile

Indian Run back to flag

Dear Dairy:

  • Hey Shorty, may I suggest a new hiding place for the blocks?  Preferably one that’s in the same time zone as the shovel flag?  Just a thought.
  • There’s a new influx of dudes at .  T Claps to finding them and growing this AO.  It’s a good’n.
  • Anyone need a new ride?  Plenty of Honda guys over there at The Mount.  Unfortunately no one was seen rolling in a Swagger Wagon.  Shouldn’t they be riding dirty in the whips that they are trying to sell?
  • 2 Mount Dudes were seen sipping coffee pre-workout.  This is disturbing to me.  Anyone else?
  • I kid about not being a runner….Has Been is the biggest non-runner I’ve ever met.  Dude is a permanent mosier and in no hurry to take his beatings.
  • Welcome FNG Velma.  Poor fella lost his glasses.  Perfect name
  • Recently switched to wearing cotton t-shirts instead of the f3 sport tek gear.
    • when wet, cotton weighs 40x it’s original weight
    • Cotton Ed doesn’t smell like Sport Tek Ed
    • you don’t want to smell Sport Tek Ed
      • most of you have
    • pretty sure Sport Tek isn’t high grade material
      • pretty sure it’s the opposite of anti-microbial and only absorbs Ed Stink
        • Ed Stink is a stink that no one wants to be a part of
    • Posting at other AO’s is a fun experience.  This should be a requirement for all Pax.  Fur realz.  Go to another AO and have yourself a beat down w/ some other folks.

WOD:  Genesis 22:8  Abraham had faith that God would provide a lamb for sacrifice instead of his son, Isaac.

Have the same faith that God will provide for us as well.

Ed out.  Pleasure was all mine.

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