• When: 09/21/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Ditch Chicken, Tooth Fairy, Squints, Root, Phyglm, Sooner, Kapowski, Publix, Retread, Cousin Eddie

5:30’ish – Bing sends email out requesting backup Q help after rolling his ankle at Arrow.  No replies.  Ed wants to reply instantly that he’ll take it.  But Ed waits to give others a fair shake.  Don’t want to be a Q Hog.

7:30’ish – The Binger sends out tweet requesting backup Q help after rolling his ankle at Arrow.  No replies.  Ed waits.

8:00 – Ed can’t stands it no mo.  Sends out a twitt to cover the Q.  It’s on.

8:00:01 – Ed starts looking at some really really old backblasts for ideas.  Sends a text to Abraham for ideas.  Ed finds what he needs and Abraham gives him an idea for Ram Q.  Yes, I have the Q tomorrow too.


Disclaimer, etc

Warmups:  SSH, ATT, High Knees by the one and only TF; IC x 15

Mosey to Viewmont

Swerkins x 20 OYO (note to Pax here what a Swerkin is:  https://youtu.be/h6cJINR1RRg)

Mosey to Lil Hill near the bball court for a ladder:

1 star jump at bottom

10 merkins at top

Flip jack/flop flap, increase SJ, decrease M

Mosey to large parking lot for Oddball (credit to HBC for this).


Partner up

Exercises as follows:

Team Burpees

Team Merkins

Team Squats

Team Crunches

First stop, 10 total between partners.  Difficulty Level: Pretty easy really.

2nd stop, 20 total. Difficulty Level: Not bad.

3rd stop, 30 total.  Difficulty Level: Getting winded.

4th stop, 40 total.  Difficulty Level: Ok this sucks.

5th bonus stop, 50 total.  Difficulty Level: F’ Your Mammy Hard

Time for another stolen workout.  This one is from the Book of Kapowski.  Pax 1 calls exercise for the rest of us to do, runs across parking lot and does 10 merkins, runs back.  Each Pax takes turns calling what is supposed to be their least favorite exercise.  This may have worked if we had done this at the beginning of the workout but errbody just called arm circles and other Curvesque exercises.  YHC was actually ok w/ that after Oddball.

Had about 5 minutes left.  Since last week’s Q School went over like a turd in a punch bowl, I thought last night that this was going to be the part where all new Pax were going to get a chance to call some exercises.  Only problem was that none of those Pax showed up.  Donde esta Sheamus, Goodwill (although you did just Q at OG), and all the others I’m blanking on????  Luckily we did have one guy re-post:  Ditch Chicken.  DC stepped up and called 3 exercises completely on the fly.  Dude did an excellent job and I’m proud of him.  I remember when Abe did this to me and I nearly shat myself for fear of failure.  But it’s what we do, we give it away.  That’s the name of the game and done us all proud.

Dear Dairy:

  • Publix and Pylegm’s (still can’t spell it) mumblechatter was excellent this am.  Apparently he prefers the heckling type of MC.  I hope you saved some up for tomorrow’s Q
  • may be the 2nd best AO in Hickory behind ER.
  • Make that 3rd best, I forgot about Organ Grinder.  Man, that place is the best.  2nd best, that is.
  • Squints had to leave early to take his M to the “airport”.   There’s no doubt that that’s euphemism for something else.  Someone hit me back w/ info on that please.
  • Wore the Under Armour ER shirt.  The stink didn’t hit.  Simple process of elimination tells me that those hoopty Sport Tek shirts are made from recycled homeless dude clothing and that’s why they make me smell like a goat.  There’s a new business model for Retread in there somewhere.
  • Root has a bum shoulder but posted anyway and modified.  All fartsackers take note and post even though your apparent hangnail hurts real hard.
  • Sooner I have to mention you now or you’d be the only I didn’t mention and I can’t do that.  Hey……um Big Gulps, eh?  There.  Done.
  • Hey, Top Hat $5 says that you didn’t read this one
  • See you Dandys tomorrow

Word of the Day  Joshua 1: 7-9.




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