Evens at the RAM

  • When: 09/22/17
  • QIC: Cousine Eddie
  • The PAX: Scotch, Flamer, Patty Mayo, Beaker, Publix, Suppository, Powder, Sweet Heat, Phylgm, Billy Jean, Igloo, Banjo, Goodwill, Sooner

note:  writing this while watching my Wolfpack play FSU.  If there’s an explicative in here for no apparent reason, blame it on the Pack.  Speaking of which – dammit – they just went 3 and out.

Conditions:  Mostly Sober.  Same cannot be said of my man Igloo.  Dude said he pounded a baker’s dozen Coor’s Lights….which is the alcohol equivalent of 8 oz of a Zima.


Couple of warmups.  SSH, ATT, Abe Vigodas/Humpys and others.

Off we went into the foggy gloom.  We were about 30 seconds into the run when (SHIT…FSU completion) Plank, Stonewall, and _____ (Crop?) were seen running the opposite direction.  Best of luck to you fellas in the Tuna Run.  1st stop was on LR campus to start Evens.  Exercises as follows:  2 Burpees, 2 Squats, 2 Merkins, 2 Lunges per leg, 5 SSH, plank for the 6.  Off again to Highland Ave. for the next stop.  The pattern is increase your reps by 2 and the SSH by 5.  So 4, 4, 4, 4, and 10.  COME ON, MAKE A DAMN STOP.  Over to Boca for next stop: 6,6,6,6,15.  Down F Ave – yes, F Ave.  That has nothing to do w/ this game – past the huge water tower to Transportation Insight campus (that place is awesome).  8,8,8,8,20.  Back towards Highland Ave via some little shady street, then back towards city hall: 10,10,10,10, 25.  Down hill towards ER (best AO in The Nation) SOMBITCH HOW DID YOU NOT PICK UP THAT FUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, sorry.  They did get the fumble.  I about had a heart attack.  Come on refs, don’t you overturn that call.  Last stop at the top of the hospital: 12, 12, 12, 12, 30.  At that point it was about 6:10, so it was time to mad dash back to the flag.

Fun stuff.  OH COME ON, catch that ball!!!!

  • had to get on some folk for standing around (SHIT) w/ their hands on the hips instead of planking.  This has gotten bad folks.  Don’t stand around while someone else works out.
  • This was very effective as folk were planking at 6:15 when they arrived to the shovel flag.  This made me a happy dude.
  • This exercise came from Abraham who got it from Splinter:  his suggestion was to do the evens non stop for 30 minutes.  May have to try that at my next Q.  Would be utterly horrible.
  • Nice hands feet.  Can you even catch a cold?
  • Sorry, no time for comedy, I got a TV to yell at.

Ed out.



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