A Tribute to Double Bogey

  • When: 9/28/2017
  • QIC: Twin
  • The PAX: Snips, Woody, PBR, Double Bogey, Goodwill, Twin(Q)

5 men showed up this morning to pay tribute to Double Bogey. But wait…….where is Double Bogey? Oh, he didn’t make it. From now on, DB no longer means Double Bogey.

Warm Up

  • Slumpies
  • ATT
  • IST
  • LAC
  • RLAC

Mosey to the hill that leads to down town Lenoir

We completed a series of exercises that spelled out Double Bogey. In between sets we would run down the hill and alternate between LBC and RBC. We would then run back up the hill for the next exercise. Anytime we did RBC at the bottom of the Hill we had to Bernie Sanders(run backwards) back to the top.

  • D – Dips
  • O – Oblique crunches – Left side
  • U – U-Boats
  • B – Baryshnikov Squats
  • L – Lunges
  • E – E2K
  • B – Burpee
  • O – Oblique crunches – Right side
  • G – Gorilla Humpers
  • E – Elbow to Knee
  • Y – Y-Ups

Mosey back to the AO for Mary

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Wheezy Jefferson


I shared an article I had read about Dwight Howard. A man who went into the NBA to use it as a platform for the Gospel and lost his way. Now he has restored his relationship with the Father. Gods grace is sufficient.


  • Why a tribute to Double Bogey?
    • Mainly, because he has the longest name
    • Secondly, I’ve fart sacked more on him than anyone. Its not because of him, it just happens that way and I feel like I’ve let me brother down
    • Thirdly, the dude has turned into a machine, and I’m proud of him. When we launched I didn’t think the guy was going to come back. He looked like death. Now the man is running 8 miles at a 8:20 pace. #HIM
  • PBR can do flutter kicks until the cows come home. He thought he was gonna call 100 count on Wheezy. YHC shut that mess down
  • Goodwill had his Wheaties this morning. Dude has slimmed down and is looking great. He kicked our butts this morning. Nice work man!

I’m off to the beach!



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