Gassed at The Mount

  • When: 10/03/2017
  • QIC: HBC
  • The PAX: Patti Mayo, Quicklube, Velma, Daphne, Shark Bait, Doughboy, Daewoo, Short Sale, Sweet Heat, HBC

Conditions: 53F, clear, and just about perfect

The Thang: Thanks to Short Sale, YHC had the honor of being invited to The Mount for the Q this morning. After thoughtful consideration, YHC settled on one of 3 workouts that he had planned. Once the fun started, it went down like this…

Form up in COP for warm up
25 Hillbillies IC
25 Mt. Climbers IC
High Plank
Low Plank
High Plank
Low Plank
High Plank
25 Lil Arm Circles Forward IC

Mosey around the .5 mile Trinity loop then form up at the field line abreast for Gassers
1 Gasser = Sprint across the field (~50yds), back, down, and back (4 sprints). Before beginning sprints do 20 reps of called exercise, then 20 reps at other side before sprinting back, 20 reps on return, 20 reps on other side, and 20 more reps when you get back (5 rounds of 20 reps, or 100 reps total, per Gasser).

1. Merkins (100)
2. Squats (100)
3. American Hammers (100)
4. Lunges (100)
5. Reverse Crunch (100)
6. Burpees (100)

YHCs first observation about this PAX is this…there are some tough dudes out in Mountain View. The completion of 100 Burpees each at the end of the wo is proof! Great effort men! It was a privilege to lead you all in this challenging workout and get better with each of you.

– HBC is looking for a few good men to run the SMR with.  Let him know if you’re interested.
– Shorty will host a second F cookout at his home in early November.  Keep your eye out for a firm date.

COT/BOM:1 Corinthians 16:13-14 (NIV) Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.

Our world needs men who are courageous. YHC mentioned that he is thankful for the One who gives us the power to stand firm, be strong and courageous, and to love, for he knows he cannot do this on his own. Daewoo took us out in prayer.


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