2018 Hickory CSAUP Challange

  • When: 01/01/18
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Hickory

3.1.18 Update:  It’s a tight race so far.  Cousin Eddie is in the lead with 2.5 points.  In 2nd place is….um, let’s check the leaderboard…oh that’s right no one has sent anything in.  Let’s go people.  I don’t mind buying myself an award and rubbing all of your noses in it during the 2018 Christmas Party, but I’d like for at least a bit of competition.  Maybe I’ll see if my dog is busy.

Mildly revised pre-blast.  Have fun in ’18 folks.  It’s shaping up to be a good one.

Here’s the challenge for all Hickory Pax:  participate in at least 3 of the following CSAUP events in 2018 and you’re eligible for some sweet swag from Cousin Eddie.  This is no joke, there will be awards handed out at the 2018 Christmas Party.  This doesn’t mean that you only have to do 3 events, that’s just the minimum.  Another BB will follow outlining prizes and categories.  For now, just sign up ok?

Here are the qualifying events.  Mark your calendars now:

New Years Day Hibriten Mountain: 1/1*

*this run qualifies for 1/4 point, as well as any run up this bad boy. Most of us did it 2x on 1/1/18.

South Mountains 1/2 Marathon: 1/14

South Mountains Full Marathon: 1/13

Palmetto 200: 3/23-24

F3 Hickory Convergence: 2/24

Charity Chase 1/2 Marathon: 4/14

Smoky Mtn Relay: 4/20-21

USMC Mud Run: 5/19

Quest for the Crest: 5/20

Get Outside Mtn Relay (GOMR): 6/1-2

The Bear: 7/5 

Blue Ridge Relay: 9/7-8

Sims Endure 5K & Mud Run: 9/30’ish

Tuna Run: TBD, 10/20’ish

  • clearly this is not all of the tough races in our area, just the ones that I know about.  If you know of one that is CSAUP worthy then let me know about it and I’ll add it to the list.  Runs in the mountains, Rucks, Spartans, etc, should all be fine.  Here’s what isn’t going to qualify:  a plain ole 5K or 10K in the area (ie: HCA 5K).  There’s an emphasis on the STUPID here folks.  Break out of your comfort zone.  Do something that is out of the norm.

HBC has said it 100 times, I’ll say it again:  F3 Hickory was born out of CSAUP.  They create a bond w/ your brothers like you can’t imagine.  There’s just something about being in a van with at least 5 other sweaty, smelly dudes that lends itself to having a blast while you’re more miserable than you can imagine.  YHC has done my fair share of these suckers.  Do they suck?  Yes.  Are they challenging?  Absolutely.  Did one almost kill me?  Your darn tootin’.    Should you do them?  Hello yes.

The time is now to start getting your team together.  HC for a team.  HBC is captain of the SMR 12 man team.  Short Sale is gathering up folks for P200.  We can obviously have more than one team for each relay.  Gather your homies and start your own.  The sooner the better, these things tend to fill up fairly quickly.

Want my 2 cents worth of these events?  No.  Well, tough cookies homie you’re getting it anyway.

Hibriten Mtn:  900 ft up, 900 ft down.  6’ish miles.  Great views.

South Mountains:  I know nothing about this one.  It’s steep.  It’s long.  Do it. 3/1/18:  Did it.  Didn’t get anyone else off the couch to do it with me, except for Top Hat.  Who’s Top Hat?  Well, son you should’a been there.

P200:  Fast.  Flat….well except for the Infamous Leg 7.  Also known as the Leg that Killed Cousin Eddie.  That one has a nice lil hill on it.  Last leg over that big ole bridge was not easy either.  Watch out for that damn Unicorn Team too, they never shut up.

Convergence:  Going back to the original format of running to all HKY AO’s in 2018.  This equalled 11 miles last time.  We carried a canoe through 6 or so of those miles in 2016.  In 2015, we carried logs.  See what’s in store for ’18.

Charity Chase:  Haven’t done this one but it’s not flat.  Our very own Diamond Dave is the director of this one.  It’s apparently a great race…if you enjoy hills.

SMR:  Absolutely brutal hills.  No joke: just about everyone’s legs ended on top of a hill.  All legs are sheer misery.  Do I enjoy a good kick in the Jimmy from time to time?  Apparently so b/c I’d rate this the best relay around.  Fantastic event.

USMC Mud Run:  This is the big’n in SC.  Abe coined it “The Super Bowl of F3”.  Lots of fun.  Mud smells like Igloo wiped his backside in it, so there’s that.  Huge f3 event.

GOMR:  Seems to be a F3 heavy event.  Very well promoted.  No driving around.  Lots of hanging w/ your team and others in a centralized location.

The Bear:  Brutal.  The only flat parts are the first 20 steps, then it’s all up for 5 miles. It’s another one of those great Kick in the Jimmy events.

BRR:  Very F3 heavy event.  Lots of teams.  Very hilly, but not nearly as hilly as SMR.  Good scenery and the finish is in Asheville, so you have an easy drive back home.

Sims:  Harder than I thought (TWSS).   To date, YHC is the only one that completed a Triple Header: f3 posting, the 5K, and Mud Run.  Surely someone will step up and join me next year?  Either way, the 5K and Mud Run are both lots of fun and tough.  This should be our region’s Super Bowl.  It’s in our back yard.  Expect lots of participation in this for ’18.

Tuna Run:  Seems like a good one.  My only insight on this is that I went to school in Raleigh.  There were a couple hills there.  BBQ is good.  Other than that, Eastern NC is very 3rd World, especially when you get close to Greenville.

Those are the events.  The prizes are TBD.  When you complete one, send an email to hootbowman@yahoo.com.  Give me the event, your time(s), and pace/mile.  I’ll figure out the rest.  Happy CSAUP’n.

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I will be participating in Sims (awesome event), Charity Chase (moving back to Saturday and when weather hopefully will be less HOT) and F3Hickory Convergence (always a BLAST) – at least! All this assuming my hamstring decides to cooperate! Maybe South Mountains Half, maybe a relay (TBD) Thanks for your encouragement Cousin Eddie! Let’s do this, guys!

I petition the courts to add this event to the 2018 CSAUP list: USNWC – Run Nightly, Run Brightly. Markup and I did the Run Nightly Half Marathon this year and that run sucked as much as any run I have ever done. It’s a BIG challenge to run at night on single track trails in the woods while falling multiple times and getting dehydrated and delirious and actually running 15.8 miles for a 13.1 mile course. And to finally come out of the woods after the folks at the aid station said it was .3 miles to the finish… Read more »

I humbly submit the Vertical Mile Challenge https://rockyfacepark.com/the-vertical-mile-challenge/ for admission into the CSAUP Challange (although I still don’t know what a “Challange” is). If climbing over 5280 feet in 16 miles in June is not completely stupid and utterly pointless, I really don’t know what is. Could the QIC of this “Challange” please provide a score update on a quarterly basis? Peace out!