Farmer’s Carries, Shrugs, and 4 Corners

  • When: 10/14/17
  • QIC: Doughboy
  • The PAX: Beaker, Tooth Fairy, Flamer, Retread, Doughboy

5 HIM showed up on a 63 degree Saturday morning to get better.  I’m not sure that they were ready for what was about to unfold, but they tackled it with gusto.

Warm up (all done in cadence):

Little Arm Circles – 10

Reverse Arm Circles – 10

Humpy – 10

ATT – 12

What I had planned for the PAX at was a two-part exercise.  I had thought we would carry our coupons to the lower (bus) parking lot at , but I realized that would have been quite a task.  I decided to park my truck on the side of the road and we would grab our coupons about half way there.  We moseyed out of the parking lot and down the street, making a pit stop at my truck.  Each PAX grabbed 2 coupons for a fireman’s carry to the lower parking lot for the workout – approx 50 yards.  Once in the parking lot, we started in one corner and performed a fireman’s carry to a corner and completed 10 SSH IC and 20 Block Shrugs OYO.  We did this at each corner.

The second part of the workout was a continuation of the 4 Corners theme.  Each PAX placed a coupon at each corner of the lot.  Since there were 4 corners, we had 4 circuits of work with 4 different exercises.  After completion of one exercise, PAX run to middle and do 5 burpees.

Here’s how it went down (remember 5 burpees after each exercise):

1st circuit – Legs

Squats – 25

Lunges – 20

Squat Jump – 20

Calf Raises – 25

2nd circuit – Chest and Shoulders

Hand Release Merkins – 20

Block Merkins – 20

Block Overhead Press – 25

Block Bench Press – 25

3rd circuit – Biceps and Triceps

Curls for the Girls – 30

Tricep Dips on the Block – 20

Reverse (pronate) Curls – 15

Block Rows – 25

4th circuit – Abs

LBC’s – 25

Flutter Kicks – 20

RBC’s – 20

Big Boy Sit-ups – 15

The PAX completed all of this as well as 80 burpees.  Very proud of these men.  Although I thought that there might have been a mutiny.  At one point when a PAX was returning to the middle to do another round of burpees, he asked if we could replace burpees with punch the Q in the face 5 times for the exercise.  Of course I said no….

WOD was a quote I heard from a friend of mine.  To me, it gets to the heart of us men as being leaders.  Here’s the quote – “The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.”

Always enjoy my time at Whipping Stick.  Maybe one of these days Cousin Eddie won’t fartsack on my Q.

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