Subbed in at Howitzer

  • When: 10/17/2017
  • QIC: Suppository
  • The PAX: Root, Kapowski, Markup, Powder, Phlegm, Squints, Funyun, Bing, Tooth Fairy, Publix, Goodwill

Sunday night YHC checked his Q schedule and noticed Sooner had the Q at , and Kapowski had 2 Q’s on Wednesday. Man, it sure would have been nice to have had a newsletter. Since Sooner is in Ireland, YHC figured he would step in. However, Sooner you now have the Q on Halloween at for YHC. Here is what went down:

ATT x15 IC

Butt Kickers x15 IC

High Knees x15 IC

Humpy’s x15 IC

Mosey to block pile. Everyone circled up with 2 bricks and a block for the following:

With Bricks-

25 curls

25 overhead press

25 curl press


then 15 of each above with Block

With Bricks-

25 Squats

25 Press

25 Squat press

then 15 of each above with Block

With Bricks-

25 Bench

25 Upright Rows

25 American Hammers

then 15 of each above with Block

Ran to Oakwood Elementary Parking Lot:

Split into groups of 4. Each group did total of 400 pushups. 1 Pax did as many as possible while the rest of the group did BB situps or plank, then next Pax took over and so on.

Broke into groups of 3 and did sprints in parking lot while rest of Pax did squats.

Mosey back to flag for Mary.

WOD: Ephesians 5:15-17

Shout out to the Tuna Team, ya’ll be safe and kill it

Hello to Crop, i.e. CropDiesel, Cropdaddy,  Crop-a-dop, Obi-won-Croponi, et al…



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