Gassed at Star

  • When: 10/31/2017
  • QIC: HBC
  • The PAX: Binary, Plank, OJ, Cable Guy, Hot Lips, HBC

Conditions: 39F, clear, and chilly

The Thang:  Since this one seems to never get old (thanks F3 Columbia), YHC decided to gas the Starboys this am at Star.  And since Binary likes to run so much, we skipped the formalities of the normal warm up and went for a run.

Form up in COP for warm up…then take off running across the street and down to the car wash.

Stop at the car wash for SSH X 20 IC, then run to the Alexander County library

Stop at library for ATT X 20 IC, then run across 127 to the corner of parking lot

Stop at corner for slow squats IC X 20 IC, then run to front of Lowes

Stop at Lowes for Mountain Climbers X 20 IC, then run back to AO

Mosey to the basketball goal then form up in a line abreast for Gassers
1 Gasser = Sprint across the field (~50yds), back, down, and back (4 sprints). Before beginning sprints do 20 reps of called exercise, then 20 reps at other side before sprinting back, 20 reps on return, 20 reps on other side, and 20 more reps when you get back (5 rounds of 20 reps, or 100 reps total, per Gasser).

1. Merkins (100)
2. Lunges (100)
3. American Hammers (100)
4. Reverse Crunch (100)
5. Flutter Kicks (100)
6. Burpees (until time expired)

COT/BOM: YHC wanted to talk talk about Titus 1, so he did.  In Titus 1 Paul tells us all we need to know about himself. First that he is a servant and second that he is an apostle.  Notice how Paul never tells us that he was a leader?  Yet, he was. Leadership is important for sure.  But the best leaders that YHC knows, are servants first.


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