Zombies at the Station

  • When: 10/31/17
  • QIC: Med Ball
  • The PAX: The Dude, Gas Blaster, Delivery, Chicken Little, Trigger

5 PAX arrived on time and one arrived late to a chilly Station

Q introduced “Play it Cool” (see exicon on F3nation.com)

-SSH 20ic
-2 Burpees
-Imp. Storm Troopers 15ic
-2 Burpees
-Hillbillies 10ic
-2 Burpees
-ATT 10ic
-2 Burpees
-Short lap around pond

Thang 1: Zombie Walk
PAX began walking lunges up the parking lot, until Q called halt (3 light posts)

wobbly mosey back to splash pad

Thang 2: Thunderstruck
Q played ACDC’s Thunderstruck and PAX completed a merkin at each “Thunder”, held plank in-between

mosey to parking lot
(car approached and Q called “Play it Cool”)

Thang 3: Halloween runs
Partner up
PAX 1 runs to 2nd light post and begins mtn climbers
PAX 2 walks (like Michael Myers) to 1st PAX
Once there, PAX 2 runs to start and begins mtn climbers, while
PAX 1 walks (like Michael Myers), repeat for 8 rounds each
(After round 7, The Dude began heckling Q – so Q switched mtn. climbers to burpees)

slow mosey to nearest playground equipment

Thang 4: Raccoon Crawl
PAX raccoon crawl around concrete border of playground
after 2/3 of loop, Q called practice “Play it Cool”

mosey to splash pad

Date with Mary
-American Hammers – 20ic
-Parker Peters – 15ic
-Crab Cakes – 15ic
-Batmans – 20ic
-LBC’s – 20ic

Word: John 20: 24-29; Thomas questioned the other disciples that Jesus had risen and was alive, but Jesus appeared and showed Thomas the specific evidence he needed to believe. This shows us that it’s ok to question. If we bring our questions to Jesus, He is faithful to answer us, so that we grow closer and stronger to Him.

-Everest Challenge @ Rattlesnake Ridge – 11/4/17
-Turkey Trot @ Hickory YMCA – 11/18/17 (Med Ball & The Dude running 5k, all others are welcome)

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