Happy Hall-OG-Ween

  • When: 11/01/17
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Jordache, Phlegm, Plank, Patti Mayo (QIC)

Yhc took the Substi-Q for the best darn AO in the land this morning for our wounded comrade Taz(Hope you get to feeling better soon!!)  You know the more time I spend at , the more I begin to realize that something sketchy probably should have happened out there to one of us by now.  The two said sketchiest incidents that yhc has been a part of so far were a parked car in the upper parking lot just chillin w/ people def. in there, watching us, in the dark….and the slow down drive by on our way back from said parking lot…..now that I’m thinking about it, that may have happened on the same day…not sure, anyways here’s how it went down.

Circle Up-SSH,ATT,Humpys……the usual.

Off for the traditional jog to yhc’s homeland of Burke County where there is power now, THANK GOODNESS!!  Went to the end of the road, saw the gate was open, figured that was extra sketchy and I believe Cuz said something to the effect of getting stabbed if we ventured down there, so decided to stop at the gate.  Cut to 10 Merkins IC, 12 LBC’s IC and back to the original starting Lot.

YHC was inclined to take the Q because of a rinse and repeat Halloween workout that had previously been done and all of the materials were in tact so it went like this.  Pumpkin bucket full of candy, Pumpkin bucket with different exercises in it, Poster board with Calories, Grams of Sugar, and Grams of Fat for each type of candy…eg snickers, 100 grand, etc…..  Each Pax, without looking, grabbed a piece of candy, grabbed an exercise, and went to the poster board.

Calories=Reps of whatever exercise they had

Sugar Grams= 1 Burpee for each gram of sugar

Fat grams= 1 lap around the cones for each fat gram

Once you completed all of the requirements for the first piece of candy you picked, you grabbed another piece, randomly grabbed a new exercise, and rinsed and repeated with your new candy requirements.  Most Pax made it through 3-4 pieces of candy before time.  Took a trip up the big hill and back down and 15 SSH brought us to 6:15.

COT-Cuz took the reigns since school starts early for YHC but I’m sure they were deep and philosophical words as they usually are.

As always, there’s no other place that I’d rather be early in the morning, in the dark, with a bunch of sweaty dudes….not that I’d admit to anyways!!

Patti Out


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