Feeding the Wolves

  • When: 11/7/2017
  • QIC: Steam Engine
  • The PAX: Short Sale, Shark Bait, Patti Mayo, Velma, Daphne, Daewoo


Conditions: A cool 52 degrees a lovely weather to feed the wolves

Disclaimer was given to the PAX and we started off with a light warm

Warm Up:

Up Straddle Hop IC 15x

Up Straddle Hop IC 15x (other leg)

Humpee IC 15x

Forward LAC IC 15x

Backward LAC IC 15x

Chinook IC 15x

Imperial Storm Trooper IC 15x

Ballerina Squats OYO 10

Next we took a small mosey to the bigger lot

The Thang:

Bear Crawl length of parking lot & Lunge back

Bear Crawl back down & Backward Lunch back

Rinse & repeat 2x

Got a 10 count from Short Sale

Lined up in single file for a quick Indian run to the wall

Once at the wall requested another 10 count

Next up we did some work on the wall

Box Jump OYO 10x

Decline mountain climbers IC 10x

The Dip IC 10x

Rinse & Repeat 3x

Mosey back to the flag

I feel like Mary gets forgotten about a lot so decided to do some 11MOM in hope to have those Christmas abs


Requested Patti Mayo to lead us in some Asheville Abs

Asheville Abs IC 10x

RBS IC 15x

Hello Dolly IC 10x

Rosalita IC 10x

Flutter Kicks IC 10x

Pretzel IC 10x

Pretzel IC 10x (other side)

American Hammer IC 10x

Still having a few mins left called dealers choice

Boat & Canoe

LBC IC 10x





Prayer request:

Daewoo: Pray for Texas church


11/12 Mount cookout @ Short Sale starts ~12

12/15 Christmas Party @ Herniator’s house arrive at 630

Up coming Q’s:


11/14 Sweet Heat

11/16 Daewoo


Curiosity is essential for life

Curiosity is essential for learning

Curiosity keeps you exploring

Recently I read an article about why so many males still enjoy reading the Hardy Boy’s books. It comes down to that the teenagers curiosity allowed them to get themselves into some interesting mysteries. Because of this curiosity that allowed them to learn the history about the location they were at or learn skills like drive an airplane or boat. Essentially the kids were constantly learning something. So I want to leave you with this quote Leaders are Learners. Never stop learning and take the time to learn something new every week.


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