Misled- Who Is Q: maybe its you?

  • When: 11/7/17
  • QIC: Udder Butter
  • The PAX: Paula Deen, Twig, Assid, Kleenex, Two Ply, Turn Herder, Tater Hole

YHC was up on time today, checked his constitution, dressed to impress (in the gloom), stretched, shoes on and out the door early.  Arrived at the AO with ample time so listened to some oldies on the radio and activated Bubble Witch.  Finally at 25 after we started piling out and fist bumping and looking for Panda.  This GF police detective usually arrives on foot.  He either lives close by or likes to make a grand entrance.  But no Panda could be found.  I’m always looking at least morning of to check for the Q so I know what kind of shoes to wear.  Old worn out with some running left in them or old worn out with no running left in them.  It’s sometimes a hard decision.

As more piled in, the questions began to ring out, where’s Panda?  Then one noble warrior casually mentioned, didn’t you swap with Panda.  A gasp fell over the crowd.  It was YHC all the time.  Oopsie boys, I have forgotten.  This will be interesting.

Then Twig rolled in and we all decided we would see if we could fool him into thinking it was his turn.  So we all made our “it’s about time the Q arrived” pitch and as we figured, Twig was apologetic for forgetting……until we let him off the hook.  Twig is always a good laugh, especially when it is on him.

So I stepped up and started zipping through the routine roll-a-dex for exercises.  And here is how it went down…maybe….depending on whether I remembered them all or not;


I know we did 10 of each because that is all I like to do per warmup.  Beyond that it is just killing time.

Humpies, Mt Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Imperial Storm Troopers, Alternating Toe Touches

We then moseyed over to the Dock.

Do 5 merkins before each Dock Climb.  We did 10 reps.  (I think it was about #5 when my foot slipped and my shin met the dock.  “That will leave a mark”, and it did.)

We moseyed across tracks and over to the wall at the corner of Crestview and Falls Avenue for some more leg and arm exercises.  (When making things up, it is safe to stick with major muscle group exercises.)

  • Stepups 4 Ct x 20
  • Itsie Bitsie Spiders 4 Ct x 15
  • Dips 4 Ct x 15
  • Incline Merkins 4 Ct x 10

Moved to adjacent Parking Lot for some leg and ab stuff

  • Defensive slide weaving through the length of the parking lot (some of these Pax must not have played BB- there were some form issues after I had finished and turned to watch them finish up- I’m glad no one was critiquing my merkins)
  • Next we did 5 squats at each parking spot through to the end

On our 6’s for some ‘Mary, Mary, Our 6packs are Scary’ (10 slow reps of each-4 count)

  • RBCs- making sure we extended our legs straight between each rep
  • Freddie Mercuries- touching each knee
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Rope Climbs
  • LBC- backs off the ground

Mosey to …. uh… well…we will see whenever we get there

Dudley Alley for 5 Berpees- keep going

Bank Parking Lot for 5 Berpees- keep going

We found out way to the block pile.  Each Pax gets a friend- to the BB concrete pad and on our 6

  • Slow Block Bench Presses 4 ct x 10- holding between on last rep
  • Skull Crushers 4 ct x 10- (can’t do those slower because most can only do them slow anyway.)

Blocks in a circle- every other Pax steps back and does Merkins while others do one arm rows with the blocks- using the other blocks to rest their off hands.  (I like to support the back seeing as how I have chronic back issues).  10 each, then swap with the other Pax, then swap and do the other arm, then swap.

Next set was leg raised tricep dips while block group did another round of one arm rows.  We flipped and then flopped and then flipped again until everyone had done both arms and two sets of dips.

We had time to do Turn Herder led Curls 4 Ct x 10 and then Two Ply led OH Presses 4 Ct x 10

Then we Moseyed back to the flag since it was time.

Didn’t have prepared WOD so just spoke about my recent study of Luke.  Luke’s perspective centers on Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Parables may be out of sequence with other books but inserted none the less where it demonstrated it was about who was in the audience listening and the story behind the Parable, rather than worrying about some chronological sequence of events as most of us like to hear.  In summary, it was about the life and death of the Messiah- whether people wanted to believe it or not.

We prayed for some local friends who were suffering and then for each other.

Moleskin:  Thanks to the group for being flexible today.  We have Good Men in GF.

  • Good to hear about Turd Herder’s upcoming Soft Launch in Valdese.  More contacts are needed.  Maybe after holidays it will formally take off.  Help is needed to Q in Valdese.
  • Discussed our Thanksgiving Convergence- it will be Thursday but at Hemi since we will bring Lenoir and GF together.  All of Hickory is invited if they are so inclined.

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2 Ply

Critique your merkins? I believe you continued with Carolina Dry Docks, just sayin’!! LOL!!