Enter the square circle

  • When: 11/30/2017
  • QIC: Tooth Fairy
  • The PAX: Squints, Cheese Whiz, Seamus, Tooth Fairy & The Also-Rans (Fuse, Retread, Suppository, Powder, Kapowski, Jordache)

YHC traded the Q with Sooner for this Expresso, since my M won’t let me out of the house on Wednesdays for OG.  Numbers didn’t look so good when I walked up on the SLMC parking lot at 5:25 and only Squints was there in his little Toyota.  (You think he bobs his head to Ludacris on the way to workouts, yelling “Corr-Roll Out!” like me and my boy Steve used to in dental school when we were cruising around Chapel Hill in this beauty? Yeah, probably not)  Where was I?  Oh yeah, numbers.  Things looked a little better when Powder pulled up, and we were doing alright when Cheese Whiz and Seamus joined the group.  It was about that time that Powder dropped the bomb on us that he wasn’t actually there for Expresso.  He was joining a group of runners for P200 training, but he missed the memo that they were meeting at Corinth.  So Powder starts walking over there to where Fuse, Suppository, Kapowski and others were putting on their blinky lights and short shorts to go jogging.  To make matters worse, once Powder announced there was a running group, Squints’ face began to contort with internal conflict as he was being seduced by the dark side.  The man does love a good, long jog.  It was like that scene in The Force Awakens right before Kylo Ren kills Han Solo, except that Squints came back to the light, stayed for the workout and didn’t run his father through with a light saber.  Seamus and I escorted Powder across the street to be sure he made it OK and to boo the runners unmercifully for ruining F3.  We didn’t have any D batteries, or it would have been like how officials are treated at Carter Finley.  In the end, slightly late due to all the excitement, 4 of us Squared up for the workout, and it went like this:

  • SSH/ATT/Humpy warmup, IC, x15 or 20
  • Jump rope/Hi Knee/Butt Kicks/Ali’s/Frazier, rapidly in succession, IC, x15
  • 10 Tuck Jumps OYO
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Mosey to low wall at Corinth
    • Incline Merkins, x10, IC
    • Step Ups, x10, IC
    • Decline Merkins, x10, IC
    • Step Ups, x10, IC
    • Tricep Dips, x10, IC
    • Step Ups, x10, IC
    • Decline Plank Jacks, x10, IC
  • Mosey to square courtyard
  • Round the Square like this:
    • Monkey Humpers x10, IC–>Bear Crawl to corner–>Squats, x10, IC–>Lunge Walk to corner–>Plank Jacks, x10, IC–>Broad Jumps to corner–>Hand Release Merkins, x10 OYO
  • Mosey through playground to basketball goal
    • One guy shoot a jump shot, everybody else do merkins.  Shoot until everybody makes a basket.  (Lesson–Pick Cheese Whiz first on the playground, Pick YHC last)
  • Mosey to block pile, pair off in parking lot to ROCK with Blocks
    • One guy run around the parking lot while the other guy
      • Rows
      • Overhead Press
      • Curls
      • Kettlebell Swings
    • Return blocks
  • Mosey back to St Lukes, square up for peoples choice Mary
    • Flutterkicks–Squints
    • Dying Cockroach–Cheese Whiz
    • Box Cutters–Seamus
    • Plank variations–YHC
  • (about this time, Suppository, Jordache, Kapowski and Powder got back from their “training run” and joined us for 1 ab exercise, called by Jordache, American Hammers).

COT for announcements.  Everybody RSVP and help fund the Christmas Party.

WOD:  Matthew 6:25-34

Moleskin:  The other two runners were Fuse and Retread, and they kept on going instead of joining us for the COT.  Those who did circle up informed us that the P200 was in March (4 months away!) and they intended to win.  They even claimed that winning was plausible since Thunderdome was on the team.  We named the team Thunderdome’s Friends, rejected their rationalizations for abandoning their brothers and suggested that the Hickory Knuts were taking applications.  Boo!


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