An FNG Friendly Workout and Splash Merlot

  • When: 12/02/2017
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Friar (Q), Double Bogey, Baby Face, Audit, Twin, Snips, Wile E., Swinger, Prius, Rooney, Shoe Box, Original Goodwill, Nutmeg, Grout, Woody, Sprinkles (FNG)

Conditions: Unusually Warm

The Prelude to The Thang:

  • Double Bogey – 5 miles
  • Friar – 3 miles
  • Snips – 0; he’s still talking about last week’s prerun, that he ran by himself, 3 miles…maybe…

It was YHC’s pleasure for the last 3 days to threaten to have the worst workout of the PAX lives for not posting to Stargate (can you tell I’m still bitter?); however, to my delight, I was informed we would have at least one FNG and a PAX who has not posted in quite a while, so scratch original plan. The original plan was using the stadium to do our own version of the ER; maybe some other time.

YHC let’s everyone know to relax and come ready for a good, solid workout that would be FNG friendly.

Here is what happened:

Warm – Up:

  • SSH ICx15
  • ATT ICx10
  • Windmills ICs10
  • Humpies ICx10
  • LAC ICx10; Reverse LAC ICx10
  • Orphan Annie’s ICx10/arm
  • Horizontal Leg Circles (plank move leg in circle like drawing a circle with toes) ICx10/leg
  • Plank Jacks ICx10
  • Merkins ICx10
  • Copperhead Squats ICx10

At this point we had students taking SAT’s, high school wrestlers staring at us, and school buses determined to run us over. So, YHC decided it was time to mosey.

Slow mosey to parking lot at baseball stadium

  • Circle up for some Hopping Bears (4 forward bear crawls, 4 reverse bear crawls, 2 jump squats) 10xOYO
  • Bearpees with the length of parking lot (4 bear crawls, 1 burpee; 4 bc’s, 2 burpees; 4 bc’s, 4 b’s; 4 bc’s, 8 b’s)

Mosey to stadium

  • Up and down stairs several times
  • On our last ascent we stopped for some calf raises (ICx20)

At this time Shoe Box departed for a few moments to experience a little “splash merlot”. Poor guy; but give him props, he got back at it eventually and finished strong! Aye!

In parking lot above football stadium

  • Glute Bridges – Hold for 20 count; 50 count; 75 count; 100 count
  • Pickle Pounders – ICx10

Shoe Box and Twin rejoin us and now for a mosey down to the bus garage

  • Partner up for a little Dora Ab work!
  • P1 exercise; P2 runs and does 5 SSH and runs back and flap jacks
  • 100 LBC’s; 200 Flutter Kicks (per leg); 300 WWII Sit-ups (a real crowd pleaser!)

Mosey back to shovel flag

  • Oblique Crunches ICx15/side
  • Superman 50 count


  • Lyrics to Silent Night
  • The Savior came in such a humble quiet way but was the greatest of all blessings for the entire world; likewise, our greatest gifts aren’t the over the top, most noticeable gifts but the small things in life.


  • Baby Face lived up to Thursday’s picture #doyouworkout
  • Good to have Shoe Box with us again! Stick to it, brother, and you will get better!
  • Welcome to our newest FNG Sprinkles!
  • Oh, for at least the 2nd time this week we outposted Hickory. Do those guys even believe in posting? Oh wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…Oh, that’s Cuz, Fuse, Jordache, Tooth Fairy on Twitter trying to defend Hky but the numbers don’t lie boys. Buy some alarm clocks for Christmas presents and get them to the PAX!
  • Great numbers, great workout, great fun!

The pleasure was mine!

Friar Out!

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