Happ-OG Ever After

  • When: 12/06/2017
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Zebra, Publix, Velma, Phlegm, Daewoo, Sooner, Patti Mayo

Twas the morning of , and though it was warm, YHC was expecting desertion and ended up with a swarm.  One for a pre-run and 5 more for the gloom, the word must have gotten out that there was plenty of room.  So sit back relax and get ready for a story of how 7 brothers in the dark brought to glory.

Ok sorry, we’ve been listening to Christmas music in the gym all week and I guess its got me in the holiday spirit.  Velma joined YHC for about a 2.5 mile pre-run and we had 5 more men show up for the workout……that went like this.

Warm up- The usual……SSH, ATT, Humpys.

Off to Burke County in true OG style to where they are apparently working on a new River Walk area which makes it seem a little less scary at the end of the road, but not welcoming enough for us to venture through the open gate.  Cut to 12 LBC’s in cadence, 12 merkins in cadence, and a fake 30 burpees oyo!!

Mosey back to the parking lot for a 6 inches indian run type deal that worked out petty well and led to some pretty entertaining mumble chatter (to be discussed later). After finishing we headed up the big hill to the stop sign, planked for the 6 and headed back down the hill.

YHC brought some coupons for the workout which we placed at the bottom of the super sucky parking lot hill and did an igloo inspired type workout.  Certain number of reps with the coupon, trip to the top of the hill and back, and move on to next exercise.  Super Sucky!!  Finished a few minutes early so YHC could do COT before I had to GO.

COT- We talked about taking a step back and learning new things about your loved one’s, kids, wives, etc….. Phlem made a good point of seeing things the way our kids see them with the pure unfiltered joy that we all did at one point.


Pumped to see the numbers up at the OG, maybe we can revive it and keep it alive.

We were doing high knees over the peoples legs doing 6 inches during our exercise.  I forgot that I had a headlamp on and must have accidentally blinded Sooner as he was running which led to quite a bit of mumble chatter about stomping peoples nuts and how it would be an automatic name change if you fell into someone’s goodies…..We’ll let you enter your own names here.

Always a pleasure Fellas…

Patti Out

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