A Day that Will Live in Infamy

  • When: 12/07/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Phlegm, Sleeper, Publix, Funyon, Peaches, Beaver, Sooner, Tooth Fairy, Retread, Sheamus, Jordache, Flamer, Cheese Whiz, Squints, 2 Step, Herniator, Stiffy, Cousin Eddie

Yes, that’s right fellow history nerds.  Today – 12/7 – is a day that will live in infamy.  Not because it’s Publix’ birthday (HB’day, Old Man), but because Pearl Harbor was bombed on this day in 1941.  Per usual, YHC got a little caught up in the excitement of Q’ing and having 2 FNG’s to remind yall of this historic moment but you honored the day anyway and didn’t even know it.  Almost all of our reps that we did IC were in sets of either 12 or 7…..and now you know, the rest of the story.

Weather:  38’ish.  Not bad but clearly cold enough to keep Powder in the fartsack.


Disclaimer, take you to your car, etc etc.

Original plan was to don a short white robe, chewed up cigar, and bomber hat w/ ear flaps just like the real Cousin Eddie.  Unfortunately, YHC had none of the above, so I had to roll w/ the What Would Cousin Eddie Wear to an F3 Workout Outfit or WWCHEWtaFWO.  That’s right, the jorts and wife beater combo was out in full force this am.

7 merkins OYO

SSH, IC x12

7 merkins OYO

ATT, IC x12

7 merkins OYO

ISS, IC x12

Group Squats x5 IC

Grab as many blocks as we can, carry them to the grassy knoll.  Don’t need them now so leave them where they are.

Tunnel of Love

Bunny Hop over planking pax

Split into groups of 3

Between the 3, one pax will be transporting coupon from one side to the other while doing an exercise.  The other two pax are on either end doing an exercise.

P1: farmer carry 2 blocks, P2 and P3 plank jacks  x2 reps each

P1: carry block Cusak style while doing lunges P1: bench press  P3: squats

P1: curls, P2: bench press, P3: squats

P1: skull crushers P2: kettle bells, P3: squats

P1: manager’s choice, P2: kettle bells, P3: squats x 2

Done w/ blocks, but ’em up.

Mosey to short wall:

Tricep Dips x 12 IC

Step Ups x 12 IC

Incline Merkins x 12 IC

Step Ups x 12 IC

Decline Merkins x 7 IC

Air Chair/Squatting against a Wall/Whatever w/ Air Presses x 20

American Hammers x33 IC

Mosey to “flag”

Flutterkicks x 12 IC

Jane Fondas x7 IC

WOD:  Brotherhood can’t be defined, only experienced. 

This was a last second switch from a bible verse that I had picked out.  It struck me (on the crapper) that this is so true.  Don’t believe me?  Try to explain to someone what F3 means to you.  It’s darn near impossible to express how much F3 has meant to me and how much each of you mean to me.  I thank you for letting me into a small part of your lives.

Public notes to self:

  • this was the absolute max on warmup reps I could handle.  They were boring me to tears, but I wanted to make sure our FNGs were sufficiently taken care of
  • the group squat is most likely the most homoerotic exercise ever.  It was born from Flamer getting inside some folk’s personal space at ER this week.  I had to call it just to make folks as uncomfortable as possible.  For reference, you tighten up the circle significantly.  Grab the hips of the dude in front of you and squat in unison.  Some of the looks on folks faces was classic.
  • I really missed getting dirty during workouts.  Tunnel of love will cure this.
  • Manager’s Choice was one of the great mysteries while growing up.  Back in my day (millennials take note), we used to check the newspaper on Sunday for the school lunch menu.  Friday was almost always Manager’s Choice.  This usually led to several day’s worth of anticipation.  What was it going to be Friday?  Pizza?  (Soy)Burgers?  Chuckwagon?  Chicken Patty?  NOPE.  Every damn time, it was just leftovers…but if you got lucky it was leftover Chuckwagon that they smothered in gravy.  Now that shit was good.
  • The workout started very slow.  Lots of talking from YHC for a bit.  I hope that it ended with a good workout.
  • Credit to the Bunny Hop/Plank deal goes to Beaker.
  • Beaker stole it from Gasser’s group in Greenville.
  • Welcome back, 2 – Step.
  • Welcome Beaver and Stiffy.  Saying those 2 names together is pretty dang funny
  • I had a fraternity brother nicknamed Stiffy.  It wasn’t b/c he messes with dead dudes.  I’ll leave it at that.
  • If you weren’t there, you were missed.
  • Edward out


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