5 Filed Chapter 11….

  • When: 12/11/2017
  • QIC: Kleenex
  • The PAX: Banjo, 2Stroke, Panda, 2Ply

M 12/11/2017 8pm
Temp: 44 degrees; Rain: 0%

Disclaimer/warm up
SSH x11 IC
LBCs x11 IC
SSH x11 IC
11 HighKnees IC
SSH x11 IC
11 BUTT Kickers IC
SSH x11 IC
Arm Circles 11/fwd x 11/rev IC

Mosey to GFES: (0.5mi)
(Halfway at streetlight)
Merkins X11 OYO
Alt-Toe-Touches x11 IC
Imperials X11 IC
Monkey-Humpers x11 OYO
11 Burpees at Entrance

Slowsie to Brick Bleachers:
Box Jumps x11 OYO
Step ups x11 OYO
Dips X11 OYO
Derkins x11 OYO

Slowsie to Pull-Up Bar:
Over-Grip PullUp (AMRAP)
Squats (AMRAP)
Under-Grip PullUp (AMRAP)
Squats (AMRAP)

Mosey back to Mackie: (0.5mi)
(Halfway at streetlight)
Merkins X11 OYO
Alt-Toe-Touches x11 IC
Imperials X11 IC
Monkey-Humpers x11 OYO

Mosey to side-wall of Mackie Furn:
Itsy-Bitsy Spiders X11 IC
Australian Mountain-climbers X11 IC

Slowsie to Parking Lot on square:
Bear Crawls + Superstars: Parking space width, Bear Crawl line to line, then on line Jump up and do a Superstar, then back down to Bear Crawl to next pkg space line.
-Complete 5down, return on 6th, 5back.

On Your six:
American Hammers X11 IC
Freddie Mercury’s x11 IC
Mountain-climbers X11 IC
RBCs x11 IC
LowCountry Crabs x11 IC
Superman :33count **Note: never ask Banjo to count ever again**
Pretzels x11 each side
Flutter-Kicks x30 IC **Note: never ask Panda to count ever again**

8:45pm = Count/Sound off (video proof)

COT/ Reflection:
The Bible has Order written all over it. Especially in using numbers to show significance and pattern. Today, I want us to reflect on the eleventh Chapter in particular, as many chapter 11’s have some great Biblical significance! (Not to be confused with Filing a Chapter 11!!)

Consider this: many great stories begin with the number 11, like for instance Genesis 11 – The Tower of Babel, or in Deuteronomy 11 – Love and Obey the Lord. Or maybe 2 Samuel 11 – David and Bathsheba, and don’t forget a NT favorite of mine, Hebrews 11 – Faith, in Action! (I like it because I love coffee and He-Brews! …okay, I’m done). As we mine the Word for all it’s worth, we unlock the treasure that it is, and has been, provided to others, but written for our benefit.

Each morning, we at F3 choose to start our days with an AO workout that emphasizes a priority of Fitness, Faith and Friendship. So, I challenge each of us to discipline ourselves, to placing Gods Word before our day as a First-Fruit offering to The Lord. Why? Because this time of year we get busy and forget to put God First. Had I not been intentionally looking for a pattern with eleven, I may not have discovered (or re-discovered) these four familiar chapters. But probably most importantly, I believe God brought these to my attention again for His Purpose. Bringing to light for me something I forgot. Something I needed. Something I got too busy to notice… Therefore, I am grateful for the intentional study, as once again, I will benefit for what He has waiting for me through time in His Word. (I mean, He IS the Word, since the Word was With Him, and the Word Was Him and all….!)

I leave you with this: God is at the kitchen table just waiting for you. Maybe it’s tomorrow morning, maybe the next. But I promise, if you can discipline yourself into getting up for some running around in the freezing cold with some Yahoo’s who are all nicknamed after some crazy facet of their multifaceted lives, you can definitely make time for The One who knows everything about you! Today, make the best choice, FOR YOU!

Glad to be here; Proud to Lead.

-Cropduster: Wife Diane, She is doing really well, Still on Prilosec and may need a follow up stretching in 2018. Biopsy returned good results.//Rhodhiss family of local man Doug K? who com.suicide, wife Amanda +3kids (check with Crop on kids needs)
-2Ply: Buford Paces wife Vickie (age39) passed away suddenly. // PRAISE for Carl Pope, ex-trooper & bowling friend, back home from Baptist, post Cardiac arrest, doing well!
-Friar’s Dad (and Mom), Not good news for Dad. They had to put a drain tube in his stomach and he’ll have to keep it for three months. Won’t be able to eat anything for that period. Home healthcare nurse will have to come and give him liquid diet through an IV.
-PaulaDeen’s request: dad Carl Lowman, Diagnosis is cancer, stage 4 inoperable, in esophagus and lungs. Going to do some chemo to try and reduce tumor; getting PET Scan, his mom(stress); losses from Shuford Mill Fire still impacting family, especially during holidays.
-TaterHoles request: First holiday for several families w/o deceased loved ones, inclu.himself, UdderButter, Twig.
-UdderButter request: Sherry Hall, husband with cancer, depressed daughter
-Banjo: Makensie Elkins (age10), had stroke, her right is responding some to treatment.//Truesdel Family needs, kids needs, no Tree for Christmas.
-Kleenex: David Clays mother Inez (age90) heart failing, hospice // Crissy Guzman, cancer worsening, scans next week, rigorous chemo, her mom & grandma passed of Breast cancer also, and Crissy was her daughter Taylors age 9 when she lost her mom at age 34// Family & Friends of Wesley Oliver, 10th grader Hibriten killed in car accident involving lumber truck.// Romas Pizza girls, Lenore’s son Heroin, and Jenny drug dealer boyfriend.//Robert Bates, marriage, new job, kids and life; back in church though.// Jeremy Rees, personal request.// Rector Family, wife Jen & 3 kids needs, 1 mo after death, F3Men to step in and assist.


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