On the 12th day till Christmas……

  • When: 12/12/17
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Has Been, Tighty Whitey, Doughboy, Sweet Heat, DaeWoo, Shark Bait, Short Sale, Doc McStuffins, Velma, Slick Shoes, Daphne, Patti Mayo

It was a cool, crisp morning at ….YHC didn’t check the temp. when he left the house, but it felt much colder outside of the truck than it did inside the truck upon arrival.  YHC showed up for what he thought was going to be a solo sadclown pre-run last Thursday at but was pleasantly surprised to see Sweet Heat there about to do the same thing.  So now we have a little Tuesday morning Pre-run started for anyone interested, and I believe he shows up to pre-run on Thurs. too!  ANYWAYS….12 PAX showed up for some below freezing work and here’s how it went….

Warm up- SSH, Humpys, ATT.

Mosey over to the parking lot right next to the shovel flag for some 6 inch tire flips.  YHC brought the tire that Phlem, Doughboy, and all the other whipping stick fellas enjoy so much to the mount…..Its cool though because as normal, my daughter loaded it into the truck for me (LOL).  Line up on your backs, take turns flipping the tire 4 times while all other PAX hold 6 inches. not to be confused with  6 INCH RIBBON CURLS…..6….INCHES!! (Name that movie!!)

After that we loaded the tire while one PAX went to get some gloves and then proceeded to the corner of the parking lot near the retirement center loop.  YHC brought a deck of cards, and had 3 cones set up along the loop.  3 chosen exercises were merkins, diamond merkins, and wide merkins. Basically cut the deck, whatever number was shown was the number of reps done at each cone, face cards were 12.  Ended up doing 3 laps before YHC called an audible.

Headed up to the block pile for a little fcof (four corners of fun) Exercises were merkins, squats, burpees, and lunges.  Start at 10 and drop a rep each lap that you go.  That took us to time and we took the scenic mosey back to the flag.

40 Birthday Merkins for DaeWoo!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAEWOO!!!!

COT-  YHC talked about traditions and how what we do annually translates into what we do throughout the year.  Traditions are really just habits that we do once or twice a year as opposed to habits that we do every day.  What kind of habits are you developing…..?

Sidebar-  The Mount really is a solid AO.  Great group of guys and I really enjoy posting and hanging out with you guys.  Happy to be a 1/2 Mounter….(sounds dirty but I like it).

Patti OUT

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