Chilly at the Mount

  • When: 01/02/2018
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Short Sale, Daewoo, Has Been, Dough Boy, Shark Bait

SO as it would happen since YHC is writing this a few days late, I ended up having the Q on both days this week when it was so cold that there were 2 hour delays for all surrounding counties……YAY PATTI!!! So it was super cold so the goal was to try and keep moving the entire time and that goal was met for sure.

Warmorama- SSH, ATT, Humpys.

Today was a day of BLIMPS!! Mosey the long way around to the parking lot for BLIMPS round 1. Start with 15 Burpees and add 5 to each exercise thereafter with a lap around the lot after each exercise. After that, mosey up to the block pile for Block BIMPS round 2. Same as before but each exercise is done with a block now. Start at 10 this time and repeat just like before with a lap around walgreens after each exercise.  Back to the flag lot for a tire flip indian run and thats time.

COT- YHC talked about a verse that struck a chord at Sunday school this past Sunday and as I am writing this I realized that I forgot to mention COT for the RAM backblast that I just wrote.  THe lesson was the same so this will do for both. The verse was from 1st Chorinthians 15:33 I believe and roughly said that “Bad company corrupts good character”.  We can’t always choose who we surround ourselves with but we can control how we act and what we say around them.  Be the good character, not the bad company!!

Patti OUT

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