Dang it’s Hot out here!!

  • When: 01/10/2018
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Daewoo, Zebra, Publix, Velma, Dough Boy, Daphne

So this was the first post for YHC in a long time that was above freezing.  I think it was somewhere in the low 40’s and boy it felt like Summer!!  We had 4 show up for a 2ish mile pre run and 3 more for the workout which are solid to high numbers for the OG especially with all of the relayers posting to whatever that other ao is on Wed…..can’t even remember the name; sparrow, pharaoh, sombrero….anyways here’s how it went.

Warm-o-rama- SSH, ATT, IST.

Took off up the big hill and stopped at the stop sign……10-3 ct. Curkins (curb merkins) Lexicon gold people i’m tellin ya!!  To the church parking lot……8-3 ct. merkins IC.  Run to the empty parking lot past the train tracks….. 6-3 ct. Curkins IC. Run to the normal Burke County Sketchy Spot or BCSS, not to be confused with TWSS. 10-3 ct. merkins, and then run to the bottom of the parking lot hill.  Continue up to the playground for a Triangle of fun! Start at the monkey bars and do 7 pull ups, run to the entrance gate by the steps and 7 tricep dips on the rail, then to the grass behind the basketball goal for 7 frog abs. Rinse and repeat dropping one rep. each time till you hit 0. Back to the “flag” for COT.

COT-We talked about how the stomach bug ravaged the Mayo house over the weekend and how easy it is to forget how miserable it can be to feel terrible and to watch those you love feel terrible.  It really makes you appreciate your health and not having to live with a chronic disease or stomach condition that would make you feel that way on the regular.  You really can’t walk in another man’s shoes until you put them on yourself.

Patti OUT…..

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