Burpees and Bear Crawls at Whipping Stick

  • When: 01/20/2018
  • QIC: Doughboy
  • The PAX: Publix, T-Bone, Billie Jean

I don’t know if I had cabin fever from the snow storm or what, but I was ready to workout with my fellow Hickory PAX this morning.  Considering how cold it has been this week, this morning’s 28 degrees was quite toasty.

Here’s how it went down.

Warm up (in cadence):

SSH x 15

ATT x 12

Little Arm Circles x 10

If you read my BB for this past Tuesday, this may sound a little familiar.

I was a little concerned with the potential for ice still being on the road this morning, but I wanted to do some running as part of the workout.  So we headed out, carefully looking for ice that may impact our path.  We left the parking lot and headed to the corner by Publix for burpees and bear crawls.  The idea was 30 seconds of burpees followed by 30 seconds of bear crawls repeated 2 more times for a total of 3 minutes straight of burpees/bear crawls.  T-Bone and Publix were leading the charge on the bear crawls.  That may or may not have come back to haunt them later in the workout.

From here, we headed toward New Hope Baptist Church for a round of Asheville Abs.  Props to Patti Mayo for bringing this workout to the Hickory area as well as leading it most of the time.  This was the first time that I actually led it and it was harder than I thought trying to keep the cadence and the order.

From New Hope, we had to make the loop to get back to the parking lot, so we headed out of the New Hope parking lot, ran down to and through the neighborhood where we have to jump the gate, and out the other side.  Once here, we had another round of burpees and bear crawls but only for 2 minutes this time.

The time had come to return to the Whipping Stick parking lot.  Once there, we embarked on what was to be my 500 rep challenge for Whipping Stick, but ended up being a 450 rep challenge.  100 reps of 5 different exercises.  Here’s the order: 100 Block Bench Press, Block Overhead Press, Block Curls for the Girls, Block Rows, and 50 Block Squats.  We stopped after 50 reps and made one lap around the parking lot, completing 9 laps since we only did 450 reps.

There was some good mumble chatter with this, but what I liked best came from T-Bone.  He said Doughboy, some guys show up to Q and you know it’s going to be a rough one.  When you show as Q, you don’t give off that mindset, but then you just stick it to us, and you do it with a smile on your face so we can’t get upset at you (paraphrased as I can’t remember exactly what he said).  I took a little pride in that comment.

The word of the day was from James 4:14 – whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow.  For what is your life?  It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.  None of us know what will happen tomorrow.  A member of our Sunday School class lost her husband rather unexpectedly last Saturday morning.  The good thing is that he was ready to meet the Lord.  We all need to be ready to meet our maker.

It was great to lead the men at Whipping Stick this morning.  I always enjoy my workouts here, getting to workout with a different group of guys from the Hickory area.  Thanks for letting me lead you guys this morning.

On a side note, Whipping Stick is great so we don’t need to let it die due to lack of participation.  Come on guys, come back to Whipping Stick on Saturday mornings!!!

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