This here is a backblast

  • When: 02/10/2019
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Doughboy, Taz, Beaker, Tooth Fairy, Cousin Eddie

All folks of Hickory, can you please start writing backblasts?  PLEASE?  Cropduster is still going strong – yes I read yours brother – but that’s about it.  Lenoir and Granite, keep it up.  I’m glad you folks still write them too.  Thanks!

Here’s how this am went down for YHC.

Woke up sans alarm at 4:45.  Heard the rain….back to sleep.

Alarm at 5:45.  Still hearing rain.  Time to roll.  But first, I have to Drop a Deuce/Drop the kids off at the pool/stack brown/slap mud/coil a cobra/release the hostages/take the Browns to the super bowl/pinch a loaf/drop anchor.  You get the point?  Wipe and go.

On the way over, I was really hoping that no one would show up.  I had zero desire to post and/or Q this am.  You already know that this is not what happened.  Beaker and Tooth Fairy were waiting for me.  Ok, if no one else shows, we could do 2 burpees, call it a day, and go stuff our faces at Homer’s.  Then a white pickup rolls in – Doughboy.  Shit, there’s no way he’s going to allow the 2BCIADAGSOFAH workout.  Then a sweet sweet ride rolls in.  The chevy symbol on the front grill was illuminated.  Was Katrina in town w/ his security detail?  No it’s Taz!  The one and only in the flesh.  Wow, what have we got here folks?  We got a crowd….well, at least we have a crowd for .  There’s no backing out now.  Less than zero chance that 2BCIADAGSOFAH was happening.  But that’s the great thing about F3.  It’s not about you.  It’s about the men that you’re with and helping them to grow.  And it’s about them pushing you to become better too.  Dammit, I love these men and how they make me better.  I went from “F this” to “let’s get it on” in under 10 minutes.

So here’s what we done did:

Warmups.  And talking.  Lots of mumblechatter.  Tons in fact.  The MC at Whipping Stick is bar none.  Everyone is relaxed.  We essentially rely on one dude to count while everyone just kinda talks.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re still working out but it’s just a different vibe.  A good one.  Puff puff give man.

Peoples chair w/ Joe Fraziers.  TF, Beaker we were all wrong on the Dumb and Dumber quote.  “It feels like you’re running at an incredible rate, Harry”.  TF please practice up for next time.

Balls to the wall

Now we’re in to the meat of this mother scratcher. 

I was debating when to start w/ our long lost friends, Little Sand Babies.  Beaker poked the bear and said let’s get it on, so On We Got.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of a workout w/ LSB, I’m planning on keeping them around for a while so hopefully all will get a lil taste.  They’re headed to the Mount on Tuesday, then back to WS next week.  Lenoir, I’m bringing them w/ me for my 3/10 Q.

Bear Crawl and drag your LSB alternating arms.

Overhead press and squat LSB x20 OYO

Ladder on the long stair way.  Squats at the bottom, hand release merkins at the top.  Every other time up the stairs, carry your LSB.

Then we did some over the shoulder toss w/ them, 20 OYO.  I got this from snooping on Fuel’s IG account.

Then 20 LSB curls

So for the last few weeks, the men of WS have been running during the workout to get ready for P200.  Last week we ran up and down Eleanor.  I did want to run, but we were running out of time to get any significant mileage.  I thought running around the parking lot a few times would be sufficient.  But then a voice inside my head told me that that was boring, easy, and unoriginal.  So grab your LSB and run to the bottom of that long hill to the bridge w/ the No Trespassing signs.  Turn around and run back.

Still had time for Mary.  Toe taps, some Arms Raised While Doing a WW2 Situp that I learned from F3 Summerville, RBC’s from Taz, a horrible Oblique thing from Dougboy, Beaker w/ _____(mind fart), and TF w/ incline planking.


Prayers for my prayers.  I have some mental disability when it comes to them.  Anything else and I’m fine speaking, but a prayer?  I’m horrible.  Maybe it’s b/c my eyes were closed?  Maybe I’ll just try it w/ my eyes open and see how that goes.


There was a minimum of 10 runners out there pounding pavement while we worked:  Hot Lips, Stonewall, Herniator, Powder, HBC, Squints, Diamond Dave, Fuse, Markup, Cropduster.  Kudos for getting up early and running.  That’s an official assload.  T Claps, I’m proud of you, etc.

BUT here’s what I got to say about that:  If you can get up to run, surely you can get up post-P200 and join us at Whipping Stick, right?  This especially applies to a certain neighbor of mine who has flat refused to post on Saturdays for various, lame ass reasons.  Also applicable to at least one Alexander Co Pax.  Come on men, Whipping Stick is a boatload of fun AND a good workout.  Say what you want about not coming, but just try it out and see for yourself what you’re missing.  Sidenote:  YHC is also guilty of not posting to WS essentially the entire month of January so I am throwing rocks at glass houses fo’ sho’.

The LSB’s are getting a little long in the tooth.  When I picked them up from Igloo yesterday, 3 had severe dry rot.  They were bad enough to leave at home.  TF picked another one out of the bunch.  Hope that they last at least long enough for my Q at Lenoir in a few weeks.

After dragging LSB’s across a wet parking lot for a while, it’s not a good idea to pick up that same LSB over your head.  I got a golden shower from mine as a result.

If you fartsacked, you were missed.  If you fartsacked, you missed a free breakfast.  Thanks to Taz for the hookup!  That guy is the man!

My pleasure,

Cousin Eddie



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