Q101 School @ Mount

  • When: 02/13/18
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Shark Bait, Patty Mayo, Doughboy, Short Sale, Daewoo, Doc McStuffins, Sweet Heat, Steam Engine, Cousin Eddie

Couple folks popped their cherry this am, including YHC.  This was my first lead into Q School.  8 other brave men endured listening to your boy blabber for about 10-15 minutes about cadence, voice inflection, and what not for their first Q School.  It was worse than any exercise you can imagine.   Short Sale told me afterwards that he’d rather do 45 minutes of Patty Mayo’s Asheville Ab routine than listen to my jibber jabber.  So with that in mind, let’s talk about it some more.

Weather:  colder than yesterday.  Rainy.


Patty shamed me into a pre-run.  Met up at 5:00’ish he says.  As I roll in, I noticed 2 cars already on site and noticed that Sweet Heat and Steam Engine were out in the rainy gloom already.  If you don’t know, has a perfect 1.0 mile loop around their AO.  So off PM and I went at a brisk 8:00 min pace for 3 laps.  Doughboy and Doc McStuffins joined in for a few miles as well.  Clearly, it’s getting closer to P200.  Best of luck to all teams out there.

Crowd starts to mill around

1 Minute Warning



SSH x20 IC

Merkins x20 IC

Mtn Climbers x 20 IC

American Hammer/Russian Twists x 20 IC

Burpees 10 OYO

Time to drop some LSB on these fools (sorry Cropduster, that’s lil sand babies, not your favorite pasttime: LSD).

Mosey to Cul-de-sac

Partner up

P1 does exercise w/ LSB, P2 runs to the Free Candy Van and back, flapjack

Exercises:  100 curls, 100 overhead presses, 100 squats

Plank for the 6*

Grab LSB and get in the grassy field.  Bear crawl w/ LSB to the end of the parking lot.  This was fun….as long as you define fun as “something shitty”.  Lots of grunting and moaning.

Circle back up for some 101.  Disclaimer this, cadence that, BACKBLAST.

Then errbody got their turn at leading.  Everyone did exceptionally well.  Kudos to you men.  Of course, Q School is a bit easier if the pax have been posting for a year and most likely already Q’d.


Dear Dairy:

With 3 teams running P200, we need to make some bets on the outcome.  We all know that the Herniator-led team will win.  Hell, they might win the whole thing but that’s beside the point.  We need to handicap each team and make each other do various stupid things at the end.  Have you ever seen a grown man naked?  Oops, wrong thread.  https://youtu.be/wfgO90yGusI 

Oddly enough, The Mount has multiple Free Candy Vans in the parking lot.  This is one more than the has.

*One thing I forgot to mention to yall is pretty dang important.  Never watch another man work.  If you’re done w/ your exercise, you need to do something.  Plank, LBC’s, anything other than stare at them while they are catching up.  Anyone that was around when Abraham had the Q knows that there were severe penalties for this type of behavior.

The dudes of Mount already had 99% of Q School nailed down.  Just a few fine tweaks of their proverbial nipples and they’re ready to take over Upper Northwest Catawba County.

If you haven’t noticed, I can get a bit preachy from time to time.  Continuing w/ that trend:  WRITE YOUR BACKBLASTS PEOPLE!  If you don’t have access, then ask and ye shall receive.  No one is too important/busy/cool to write them.  You owe it to the Pax to write them.  Come on folks.

These guys still need 2 more runners for their P200 team.  They don’t know it yet, but they’ll be just fine w/ 10 runners.  Provided of course that one of those runners doesn’t puss out on their first leg like I did in ’16.

Define “Puss Out”:  Train for months in cold assed weather and suddenly it’s 90 on your first leg 8+ mile leg (Strike One).  Then, trying to use stupid logic you say “I don’t eat before I run at Arrow, maybe I shouldn’t eat before my first leg” (Strike Two).  Next, after only 2 miles your jackleg teammates decide you’re fine and don’t need any water or assistance for the next 6 miles and leave you to cook in the scorched earth/featureless roadside of BFE South Carolina (Strike Three, enter the Heat Exhaustion).  Finish leg, collapse.  Walk sideways to van, puke blood and Sooner’s turkey rolls on yourself for the next 2 hours, pull ripcord and skip your 2nd leg, have your M pick up in the middle of nowhere.  Sleep like a baby in a nice cushy bed, get dropped off by M to run last leg.  Coconut water saved my life.  It smells and tastes like wet socks, but that junk works.  All Greenhorns take note, don’t do like Ed.  Also note that the volunteers at the Exchange Zones are as useless as tits on a bull.  They just laughed at me while I died.   Thanks churchy ladies.

Sidenote:  There’s LOTs of BFE in SC.  It’s endless.  Soybean fields, Peanut fields, weird town names, Powder’s prom site, etc.

Q101 was fun.  Hope yall enjoyed it.  I know I’ve said it many times, but yall is good people.  Keep growing that AO.  Maybe add another day in there?  Or just keep up w/ my boy OG.  And come to Whipping Stick on Saturday?  LSB’s will be there for more sandy fun.

So speaking of dumb bets, here’s one.  If we get more than 20 at Whipping Stick, Short Sale and I will jump in the city fountain before ER on the following Monday, 2/19.  Spread the word.

Ed out.

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Good backblast, even if Cousin Eddie did write it! It always helps to have a few PBRs in your system while doing this then you go loooong. #TWSS Yes I know what the LSBs are – i’ve actually carried the darned things. No, I’ve never experimented with LSD, but I have with PBR. Thanks for encouraging folks to write back blasts – they’ve gotten lazy with them. Too bad there wasn’t a SlingBlade backblast written for this week – then you could read how I pooped in the Broadwater neighborhood. Banjo did too butt thankfully in another part of the… Read more »