Starting Position, Moo!

  • When: 03/03/18
  • QIC: Taz
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Beaker, Publix, Tooth Fairy, Doughboy

It was a wonderful morning for an F3 workout. YHC rolled up at Northview right on time at 6:15 and learned that the pax were trying to decide who was going to Q if I didn’t show up. But that wasn’t necessary and we immediately got down to business.


SSH x15 IC
ATT x15 IC
Windmill x15 IC
Humpy x15 IC

All of these were supposed to be in cadence and I’m not sure about the counts. YHC did the best he could given the circumstances. You see, at , the mumble chatter is like no other. When you’re the Q, you have to do it all, count and keep cadence. Everyone else is busy shooting the bull. But the fellowship was awesome and it was well worth it.

Go for a little run.

Left Northview headed toward 127. Took the first left and headed toward New Hope. Passed New Hope on our left and took a left at the next intersection. Ran to the end of that road and turned right toward Rooster Hill.

Stopped at the bottom of Rooster Hill and grabbed some big rocks close to the creek.

Curls for the Girls x10 IC
Overhead Press x10 IC
Vertical Rows (called by Beaker) x10 IC

Throw the rocks back where we got them.

Run up Rooster Hill and keep going until the next intersection.

Squats x10 IC in the intersection

Run back down Rooster Hill and up “X-Acto Hill”

F3 History lesson: X-Acto hill was named by Abraham because it has a box cutter (not an x-acto) embedded in the asphalt at the top of the hill.

Run through Abingdon Glen and over to the road that leads back up to Northview. Take a right and run down to the one lane bridge.

On the bridge:

Incline Merkins x12 IC
Decline Merkins x10 IC

Run back up the road to the back side of Northview.


Flutterkicks x10 IC
Box Cutters x10 IC
Freddie Mercuries x10 IC
Dying Cockroach x10 IC
Dolly x10 IC
Pretzel x10 IC (each side)

It was at this point that we took a break and heard a hilarious story about why one of Jordache’s friends has the nickname “American Standard”. If you weren’t there, you missed it. I can’t repeat it here, so you’ll have to ask Cousin Eddie.

It was also here that Cousin Eddie informed us that his early days of coming to F3 he thought I was saying “Starting Position, Moo” instead of “Starting Position, Move”. We’ve decided to changed it now to “Starting Position, Meow”, just for fun.

Run up the hill the rest of the way back to Northview.

Finish up at the flag with some Little Arm Circles IC. We laughed about the look on Abraham’s face when Has Been started doing his Baby Makers at the Convergence last week – it’s truly a sight to behold. Since Has Been wasn’t with us this morning, Cousin Eddie did his best impression. It was just okay. He still needs a little training.


2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (Go read it)

We talked about how we can comfort those around us in any trouble with the comfort we receive from God.

It was good to be at Whipping Stick this morning, our original F3 Hickory workout. It’s a great AO and lots of guys are missing out. Come join us next week.

Thanks for letting me lead and for the many laughs this morning. YHC appreciates the fellowship and the accountability. See you next week!

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